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Just days ago, Blac Chyna implied that she wanted to fight Khloe over her role in Rob Kardashian’s court battle against her.

That threat becomes a lot scarier when you read court documents of what Chyna allegedly did to Rob in their final, worst fight.

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Us Weekly got their hands on more court documents from Rob’s ongoing lawsuit against Blac, and wow.

In the papers published by the celebrity gossip site, he professes to having "feared for his life" during a fight.

This was the infamous 2016 fight that the couple had in a Hidden Hills home that Kylie Jenner owned.

The fight went down in December of that year, just one month after Chyna gave birth to Dream.

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"Chyna’s erratic conduct under the influence of alcohol and drugs," court papers accuse.

The accusation continues: "culminated in her physically assaulting and battering Rob."

"And," the documents add, "causing significant property damage."

Even without the fight, the idea of someone with a newborn baby being on drugs is alarming in its own right.

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Apparently, this all happened because Chyna, a model, was in a photoshoot.

In court documents, Rob’s legal team says that Chyna spent time on the set drinking excessively and using cocaine.

Rob was on a FaceTime call when Chyna approached him and allegedly pointed a gun at him.

"Chyna pointed a gun at Rob’s head and threatened to kill him," the lawsuit accuses.

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Unfortunately, that is not the end of the allegations.

"Chyna came up behind Rob wrapped an iPhone charger tightly around his neck," the lawsuit accuses.

"And," the description continues, "started to strangle him using her full strength.”

Rob was apparently able to pull off the cable, at which point he claims to have run to the master bedroom and locked the door.

Rob & JINA
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Unfortunately, it is claimed that Chyna then broke down the locked bedroom door (most doors that are inside of houses are pretty flimsy).

At this point, documents claim that Chyna “proceeded to use her fists and a metal rod to repeatedly strike” Rob.

She allegedly shmashed a television and a telephone in the process, and dealt damage to the walls.

For some reason, perhaps out of embarrassment or because she was nearby, Rob called his mother instead of the police.

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Upon receiving the frantic call from her only son, Kris also did not call the police, but instead sent her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, to the house.

Allegedly, Corey had to physically separate them as Chyna "continued to beat Rob around the head, face, and back."

As Rob left, Chyna allegedly threw a dining room chair at his car.

Corey remained the house to keep her from following him. All in all, a very strange way of resolving the dispute.

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"As a result of the attack, Rob suffered scratches, abrasions, and bruising” documents claim.

Obviously, the papers also allege that he received “emotional distress" from this traumatic event.

Documents also reveal that Rob “did not know whether the gun was loaded when she twice pointed it at his head and threatened to kill him."

"And,"the papers note, "that he believed that Chyna could kill him.”

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Rob changed the locks on the residence and hired a security team for his own protection.

In February, Chyna filed to dismiss the lawsuit against her.

She explained the incident as happening because she  “was being her very outgoing, colorful, and joking self with Rob."

Chyna insisted that she “had no intent to harm” him.

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Chyna’s attorney claimed that what actually happened that night was that the two were celebrating their reality show getting greenlit for Season 2.

"Part of that raucous and flirty celebration included Chyna ripping her fiance Rob’s shirt," the attorney described.

The claim continued that Rob did this "and then playfully stroking her fingernails against his chest."

The attorney insisted that this is “Far from being ‘assault and battery.’"

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"Rob instead admitted under oath at his deposition that being scratched by a woman is ‘one of the best things a man could ask for,’" the attorney noted.

"Rob also admitted that he never feared for his life," the attorney insisted.

"And actually thought it was ‘funny’ when Chyna teased him while holding Rob’s unloaded gun," the defense continued.

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"Two years later, Rob is simply trying to cover up his critical deposition admissions," Chyna’s attorney alleged.

Rob is accused of doing so "by now lying and claiming that Chyna ‘pulled a gun’ on him and that he feared for his life."

“That is just another one of Rob’s lies," Chyna’s team accused.