Kody Brown: I Was Totally Manipulated on Sister Wives!

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Sister Wives threw viewers for a major loop on Sunday night's season finale.

A very welcome major loop, we should emphasize.

Kody Brown on the Finale

Following a run of episodes that focused on Kody Brown clashing with his spouses over their future living arrangements -- will they construct one giant home for the family or not?!? -- this installment basically dropped that storyline.

We didn't see the Sister Wives urging Kody to reconsider his polygamous place dreams or anything.

Instead, the main storyline centered on Maddie Brown going into labor and Christine and Janelle bonding over how helpful an arrangement plural marriage can be when it comes to parenting.

Was the home-building arc dropped because producers were aware it wasn't sitting well with fans?

Kody Brown for Sister Wives

As has been rumored so many times in the past (for essentially every reality show out there), is Sister Wives scripted?

And was there a last-minute script change in this case because the feedback was so negative all season long?

In a word, NO, Kody himself has now said on Twiter.

Brown, Kody

Almost as soon as the finale wrapped up, a social media user posed the question above, writing:

“So thankful Maddie is sharing her pregnancy because we are all dead dog tired of the house buying/selling drama. Ugh."

Almost all fans of this franchise were likely nodding along with this sentiment -- but Kody Tweeted that there was no discussion about changing up storylines for the finale.

He also Tweeted three pretty fascinating things about himself and/or the program in general:

Kody manip

“We are not scripted...maybe I'm manipulated...hmmm? But I digress...,” the father of 18 wrote, adding:

“We show the S/;# that is happening to us, even sometimes when it is boring.”

In one Tweet, Kody claims:

  1. Sister Wives is not scripted.
  2. He's perhaps manipulated (by the editors? By his wives?).
  3. His life has been pretty darn boring for awhile.

It seems most worth talking about the second point listed here, doesn't it?

Kody Can't Handle This

Is Kody claiming that editing has made him look bad all season?

Because, gosh, has Kody looked bad!

The veteran reality star has clearly been aware for weeks now that he's come across like a selfish A-hole throughout the latest season.

He's tried to defend his actions and his words in the past by saying he was only insisting on the whole one-large-house thing because he has a "responsibility" to his kids and has to figure out what's best for his loved ones.

And, hey, perhaps Kody really feels that way.

Kody Brown with Wives

But that doesn't change the fact that he really has acted like a narcissistic, misogynist for quite a long time now.

The guy straight up told a therapist that he never should have married Meri. We all saw him say it!

There's no manipulation going on there, Kody.

You said it. We witnessed it. Meri was driven to near tears and stunned silence by it.

Sister Wives Promo Pic

Elsewhere on Twitter this week, thankfully, Kody did seem to acknowledge that he may have acted in an inappropriate manner at times.

And he, thankfully, only blamed himself for it.

"Hindsight is always a game changer," Tweeted Kody, explaining:

"There are so many things I would have done differently. Yet, here we are doing the best we can with the information we have. #SisterWives"

another kody tweet

Fair enough? We guess?

But if Sister Wives gets renewed for another season (which has not yet happened), does anyone really expect anything differently from Kody?

This is who he is. And this is what polygamy is by definition as well.

It isn't exactly an equal arrangement between the man and his women, hopefully we all can agree on that.

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