Sister Wives: Polygamy Rules! Massive Amounts of Wives For All!

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Over the past several weeks on Sister Wives, viewers have witnessed some major tension between Kody Brown and his spouses.

On Sunday night's finale, however, viewers witnessed something else entirely:

A major bonding session between Janelle and Christine.

Sister Wives on the Sofa

During the installment, Janelle’s daughter, Maddie, was two days away from her due date -- and Christine went over to her house to lend a hand.

“I’m glad that Christine’s here now," explained Janelle, adding:

"It’s just extremely helpful to me to have another person here,

Christine quickly noted that “monogamists don’t have that luxury” of having such a great support system, seemingly using this opportunity to defend plural marriage.

maddie bump

This defense came in the wake of the Sister Wives themselves admitting that their family culture was eroding.

“The way that our family came together. The roles weren’t so ‘These are my kids, these are your kids,'” Janelle said of the situation.

“We’ve always been pretty compatible and our children have always been born neck and neck -- like, you had one, I had one...

"Christine and I did a lot more coteam, coparenting, just because we had the bulk of the children.”

Christine Brown Looks Confused

Both women, of course, are married to Kody, with whom Christine just celebrated an anniversary.

Janelle went on to note that Maddie is quite close to Christine, more than the other wives, Robyn or Meri Brown.

"Robyn has her hands full in Flagstaff, Meri works like a maniac,” Janelle said. “So it just made a lot of sense for a lot of seasons for Christine to be the one that came out."

Janelle Brown on Camera

For the record, Kody has 18 kids overall. No, that is not a typo.

Janelle married the self-centered reality star in 1993 and has six kids with him:

Logan, 25, Maddie, Hunter, 23, Robert, 21, Gabriel, 18 and Savanah, 15.

Christine and Kody got hitched the following year in 1994 and she also has six kids:

Aspyn, 25, Mykelti, 23, Paedon, 21, Gwendlyn, 18, Ysabel, 16, and Truely, 9.

While the signiciant issue of whether or not the Browns are gonna live under the same roof in Arizona wasn't resolved on the finale, Maddie did give birth.

In dramatic fashion.

We saw her water break, meaning it was time to get to the birthing center in her new home of North Carolina.

However, it quickly became evident that while Maddie had a very long labor with her son, Axel, things were going to be different -- and much more serious -- this time around.

Sister Wives, United

“The contractions are intense,” Christine said at one point, while husband Caleb had trouble getting to his wife's side and Christine late added:

"It’s all of a sudden very complicated."

Sure enough, an ambulance was then seen arriving... as Janelle revealed the baby was being taken to UNC in an incubator -- and Caleb looked on in shock about the situation.

“What in the world is going on with my daughter?” he asked on air.

Sister Wives: A Poster

As fnas likely already already know, Evangalynn Kodi was born on August 20, 2019.

She suffered from a birth defect known as FATCO: fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia and oligosyndactyly syndrome.

The little girl was missing a thumb and a toe at birth, along with one leg was missing a calf bone. She also had two fingers fused together and a bowed shinbone.

Maddie recently opened up about the condition, and we continue to keep her in our thoughts.

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