Janelle Brown: Sister Wives is Real! I Swear!

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Ever since it returned in January, Sister Wives has been -- and we believe this is the official and legal term -- totally off the chains.

Seemingly more than ever before, Kody Brown and his spouses have been arguing and fighting and exchanging one insult after another, all because the former wants everyone to live under one roof in Arizona...

Sister Wives: A Poster

... and the women most certainly do not.

The drama hit its peak over the past couple weeks, with Robyn breaking down in tears last month and then Kody absolutely blasting Meri on air this past Sunday night.

“I am so sick of trying to accommodate Meri,” Kody said one point during a confessional a few days ago. “I’m so angry now. I’m so angry, I almost can’t talk.”

Kody also turned his negative attention toward Robyn on this same episode because she dared to defend her fellow sister wife.

Sister Wives Poster

Due to these sorts of disagreements, along with emotion that continues to pour forth on a weekly basis, some viewers out there are starting to have some doubts.

Could there really be this much dissension between Kody and the Sister Wives?

Are the relationships truly this rocky?

Or maybe, just maybe, could this all be scripted for the sake of ratings and attention?

It's impossible not to ask this last question when it comes to reality television.

Sister Wives, United

Speculation over whether Sister Wives is scripted has grown so rampant online that Janelle Brown actually addressed it this week on Twitter.

“We have never scripted our show and occasionally things happen that get out of control fast,” she wrote in the wake of Sunday's installment, adding:

“This was one of those times. #SisterWives.”

janelle says

Here's the thing, though:

If we're to believe that Sister Wives is real, then the only conclusion to draw it that Kody Brown is simply a self-centered A-Hole.

He refuses to listen to his spouses' concerns and he berates them for daring to have an opinion.

More and more fans of the program are arriving at this conclusion, it appears, as they basically beg and urge Meri to leave Kody once and for all.

TLC Confessional

With Kody disparaging Meri on air and yelling at Robyn, it's been left to Janelle to try and defend her husband, the other women he sleeps with and the family as a whole.

Shortly after an emotional scene aired this past Sunday, Janelle took to Twitter with a statement about Kody and Robyn's dynamic.

“I think every family has their ups and downs,” she wrote. “One disagreement does not define anything. We work it out day by day.”

Perhaps they do. Perhaps everything is just fine and normal and dandy when it comes to the Browns.

Based on what we see on screen and read from some of the wives on social media, however, we have our strong doubts.

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