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You’d after think the absolute trainwreck that was his finale, Peter Weber would be looking to steer clear of unnecessary drama and move on from what many are calling the worst season of The Bachelor in the history of the show.

But apparently, the man is determined to embark on brief, disastrous flings with every woman who competed for his heart during his time as Bachelor.

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What could go wrong?

As you’re probably aware, Peter proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss and she accepted, but because he suffers from the romantic equivalent of ADHD, he soon ended that relationship to go chasing after Madison.

That romance flamed out as quickly as everyone expected, and then it was Kelley’s turn.

At first, the rumors of Peter dating Kelley Flanagan seemed absurd.

Kelley and Peter Weber

After all, this was a woman who finished fifth in the competition, then watched along with the rest of us as Peter pursued unsuccessful relationships with two other women in the span of a single month.

But we guess quarantine does strange things to people, because Peter and Kelley just spent 10 days together in her Chicago apartment.

There’s this trend going on right now of Bachelor/Bachelorette stars living together and churning out TikTok content.

Kind of defeats the purpose of social distancing when you’re constantly traveling between cities to "quarantine" with new groups of people, but that’s a conversation for another time.

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Anyway, we’re guessing Peter and Kelley did a lot more than just post dance videos, if you know what we’re saying.

Those closest to the couple say their relationship appeared to be getting serious.

It’s even been rumored that Peter convinced Kelley to audition for the show when they met at a hotel in Los Angeles last year.

Whatever the case, there’s reason to believe that yet another one of Pilot Pete’s relationships has crashed and burned.

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Peter posted the above photo on his Instagram Story on Sunday.

It soon became clear that he was at LAX — back in his native Los Angeles.

Now, he didn’t specifically say that he and Kelley are kaput, but it seemed as though they were planning to quarantine together until the pandemic subsided.

The combination of Peter’s return to LA coupled with Kelley’s uncharacteristic silence has led many fans to assume the worst.

Frankly, we just hope Peter’s not returning home to his elderly parents after all these unnecessary travels — that would be a kind of idiocy we couldn’t just laugh off.