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For reasons that have been laid out very plainly over the past few weeks, Kody Brown is a selfish jerk.

Oh, and he also totally sucks.

It’s been impossible to arrive at almost any other conclusion for anyone who’s watched Sister Wives over the past several Sundays, considering the many fights Kody has gotten into with his spouses.

Kody Brown with Wives
Photo via tLC

On every episode of 2020, Kody has gotten into it with every Sister Wife, from Meri to Janelle to Christine and even Robyn; all over the same topic, too:

Kody’s preference to build one large home for his entire family in Flagstaff, Arizona…

… and the preferences of these women not to do that.

Back on the March 15 installment of this long-running TLC series, Kody and Robyn bickered like never before.

Kody Brown Yammers
Photo via tLC

They then went back at it on March 22, with Christine breaking down in tears during the episode.

While live-Tweeting the episode, Kody acknowledged that he probably didn’t across very well to viewers — but tried to explain himself to his social media followers as, well, follows:

“I know I’m being intense here,” he wrote.

“Even mean. I’m angry. I have a responsibility to house my children … close enough to see them often. I believe that means I must ‘buy’ a home. Not what I want, but what I MUST do!”

The father of 18 went on to say he’s tried to remain cordial with his Sister Wives while they decide on what to do next in Arizona.

But he’s finally reached a breaking point after going back and forth for so long on whether or not to build his fantasy polygamous palace on the Coyote Pass property.

“My sweet ladies don’t understand that when a warrior goes to war, ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ exits," Kody continued, with as much condescension as possible.

He then continued with this terrible and inappropriate metaphor.

Kody Brown Gives a Confessional
Photo via TLC

"This situation feels like ‘war’!" Kody actually Tweeted, adding:

"Retrospectively I realize that kindness would accomplish more. The stress of the situation over so many months has weakened my goodness.”

During the angry scene opposite Robyn, Kody also shared his thoughts on this wife’s real estate drama, claiming he “really didn’t know why” she wouldn’t budge" when it came to renting versus buying.

“I was literally losing my mind. I see her acquiescing here a little, but it is breaking her heart,” Kody said in another message.

Kody Brown at a Loss
Photo via TLC

For her part, and to her credit, Robyn didn’t back down online.

“Kody thought he can use the kids and the real estate agent to help influence me," she Tweeted about their big fight.

"He didn’t understand how much I was standing my ground FOR the kids!

"When Kody gets creative and starts his stream of consciousness speaking out loud, it can get a little stressful. I feel like that was what he was doing when he told the girls they had to change schools."

Robyn is Sad

Amid talk that Kody is way too controlling and doesn’t respect the opinions of his Sister Wives, Robyn did allege the opposite.

“We have the belief that everyone has a voice and no one is forced to do something that doesn’t work for them,” she told her followers. “This is a family of choice!"

We don’t believe that for a second.

But, hey, we hope it’s true.