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Ever since Jenelle Evans got fired from MTV, she’s been hinting at bigger and better projects that’ll make her old bosses realize how wrong they were to doubt her.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, of course, each of these projects has been a total bust thus far.

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch
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First we had Jenelle’s cosmetics line, which was probably destined to fail from the very start for the simple fact that it had Jenelle’s name on it.

Its fate was sealed, however, with a disastrous launch that included numerous complaints of tainted products.

From there, Jenelle launched a YouTube channel, the first of many efforts to break back into the world of media.

It’s not hard to see why she would be so fixated on making her way back onto TV — after all, by the end of her time on MTV, she was pulling in a reported $400,000 a year — but her desperation has now reached an extreme that’s both laughable and depressing.

Actually Dressed Up
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Last week, came the shocking news that Jenelle and David will be offering parenting tips as part of a new video series they’re producing with a woman named Penny Chevalley.

It’s at this point that we’ll remind you that the Easons regained custody of three of their five children less than a year ago, and two of their kids are still not legally permitted to live with them.

In fact, David has a son whom he’s prohibited to make contact with.

In other words, these are not the kind of people you want to seek out for parenting advice.

Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Back Together Despite New Abuse Claims [UPDATED]
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But wait — the situation is even more ridiculous than we initially thought!

It turns out, this isn’t some series of short Instagram clips that Jenelle and David are producing.

No, with the help of their new partner in crime, Penny Chevalley, these bigoted ex-cons are producing a pilot with the hope of being picked up by a TV network!

Jenelle hasn’t talked about much, because with a decade in the industry behind her, she must know on some level that no network exec in his right mind would touch the Easons with a ten-foot pole.

But David’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so he’s going on and on about the project in response to various Instagram comments.

When a follower pointed out that TV is a better place without the Easons, David sarcastically responded:

"We are filming our own show but thanks for following."

Another fan asked if the Easons would be returning to Teen Mom 2, to which David snapped, "Hell no."

Jenelle and David Throwback
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It soon became clear that this parenting advice mess is the Easons’ "new show."

And they’re hoping someone will pay them to put it on a major television network.

Good luck with that, guys.

While it would certainly be a hilarious sight to behold, we would lose all faith in humanity if this thing ever saw the light of day.