Jenelle Evans Will NOT Be Regaining Custody "Anytime Soon," Source Says [UPDATED]

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Jenelle Evans has spent a lot of time in court lately.

Obviously, we're talking about a woman who has always spent more time in front of a judge than your typical mother of three.

Lately, though, she's been a weekly presence at her local courthouse. Good thing she has no jobs other than being Jenelle.

At issue, of course, is custody of Jenelle's children, who were placed with relatives last month following a CPS investigation.

The courthouse in Whitehill, N.C., is not only the site of Jenelle's custody hearings but also her supervised visits with her kids.

Today, Evans was asked what steps she's taken to win them back ... and sadly, you probably won't be surprised by her response.

UPDATE: Jenelle has now taken to Instagram and posted ... a direct message to Ensley, who is of course a two-year-old.

Can't say we saw that one coming, although, in a strange way, nothing really surprises us when it comes to Jenelle.

Sigh. Take a look:

1. The Regular

The Regular
Jenelle has been appearing in front of judges since her teen years, but lately, she's been spending more time under oath than ever before.

2. Losing Her Cool

Losing Her Cool
One of the best things that Jenelle and David could do in order to prove to a judge that they're temperamentally fit to raise kids is to act like grownups while on the courthouse grounds. But of course, they've failed to do that.

3. Strike One

On the first day of their initial hearing, David arrived at court with handgun prominently displayed on the dashboard of his car.

4. Strike Two

Shortly thereafter, David threatened to have a photographer arrested while entering the building.

5. Surprise, Surprise

Surprise, Surprise
To the utter shock of absolutely no one, the initial hearing did not pan out in the Easons' favor. They temporarily lost custody of their kids, all of whom are now living with relatives.

6. Long Road Ahead

Long Road Ahead
Now, David and Jenelle are fighting an uphill battle and will have to prove to a family court judge that they've changed their ways.

7. A Promising Start

Perhaps that's why both Jenelle and David kept their lips sealed as they entered that old familiar courthouse today.

8. Mystery Meeting

Mystery Meeting
TMZ initially reported that the Easons visited their kids Tuesday morning and hoped to regain custody this week. However, The Ashley's Reality Roundup has since clarified that that is not the case.

9. Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started
“There’s no way they are getting the kids back this week or any time soon,” one source stated. “This court hearing was the pre-adjudication hearing. After that will be the adjudication hearing and then the disposition. It could go on for months.”

10. Should Be an Interesting Day!

Should Be an Interesting Day!
Explaining exactly what will happen at the adjudication hearing, the insider continued, “Basically that’s the time where the court hears more testimony from the CPS agents and witnesses to prove the allegations that caused [them] to lose custody. There may be experts called up as well and evidence shown.”

11. Taking the Stand

Taking the Stand
The Ashley's source claims that Jenelle and David were given a list of tasks they need to complete in order to regain custody. At least one of the children offered testimony at Tuesday's hearing.

12. The Maryssa Factor

The Maryssa Factor
We don't know which kid took the stand, but The Ashley's source confirms that Jenelle and David have given up on regaining custody of his 11-year-old daughter Maryssa.

13. Probably For the Best

Probably For the Best
“Both parties [aka Maryssa and her grandmother, and David and Jenelle] agreed to discontinue the visits until further notice,” the insider claims.

14. This Effing Guy

This Effing Guy
In past weeks, those visits have been as disastrous as the hearing was for the Easons, mainly because of David's psychotic behavior.

15. Maryssa Takes a Stand

Maryssa Takes a Stand
David has reportedly lost his temper on numerous occasions. Insiders say one incident was so bad that his daughter Maryssa ran from the room and has refused to meet with her father since.

16. Doing What Jenelle Won't

Doing What Jenelle Won't
This isn't the first time that Maryssa stood up to her father, of course. In fact, if Jenelle had half the backbone the 11-year-old has displayed, she might not have lost custody in the first place.

17. Justice For Nugget

Justice For Nugget
As you may recall, this all started when David shot and killed the family dog, Nugget, while several of his children were at home.

18. The Stuff of Trauma

The Stuff of Trauma
Maryssa was on hand for the brutal killing, and Jenelle reported that the girl ran into her bedroom and didn't emerge until the next day.

19. Jenelle's Choice

Jenelle's Choice
Of course, if Jenelle had fled and stayed away after David shot the dog, she wouldn't be in this mess.

20. The Offender

The Offender
At first, it was only David who was under investigation by CPS. But when Jenelle chose to stay with him in spite of what had happened, she was investigated, too.

21. Life on the Land

Life on the Land
When authorities found unlivable conditions in the couple's home, their children were placed with relatives, and that's been the arrangement ever since.

22. The Denial Is Strong

Now, rather than fully dedicating herself to the hard work of getting her kids back, Jenelle has been posting heavily edited throwback videos from the days when her kids still lived with her.

23. What's Her Deal?

What's Her Deal?
We're not sure what the goal is there, but if Jenelle is hoping to convince fans she's already regained custody, it doesn't appear to be working.

24. So Many Projects

So Many Projects
In addition to her YouTube channel, Jenelle says she's been working hard on her cosmetics line, a business venture that's been in the works for several years.

25. The Need For Distraction

The Need For Distraction
Clearly, Evans is trying to distract herself from the many problems she's having at the moment. But we can't help thinking that she would be better off dedicating that attention toward getting her kids back.

26. Not Alone

Not Alone
And it appears that Jenelle is not the only one trying to make some money by boosting her web presence. David has been imploring fans to subscribe to his YouTube channel so that he can go live and show some "real LIVE action."

27. David's Hustle

David's Hustle
The Ashley points out that YouTube users need to reach 1,000 followers in order to join the YouTube Partner Program and monetize their videos with ads. The court is likely ordering David to show proof of income, and he may find this approach preferable to getting a real job.

28. UPDATE: Reaching Out to Ensley

UPDATE: Reaching Out to Ensley
Jenelle posted this ultrasound photo on Tuesday afternoon. Then things got even weirder.

29. The Thirst Is Real

The Thirst Is Real
Evans continued weirdly using a social media website to reach out to her toddler by posting this pic along with a caption reading, "Come home."

30. Run, Girl

Run, Girl
Not surprisingly, Ensley has yet to respond. Smart girl.

31. Keep Your Distance

Keep Your Distance
If you're keeping track at home, this is reason number 47 billion that it's a very good thing Jenelle and David's visits are supervised. These two simply can't be trusted.

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