Jenelle Evans Will NOT Be Regaining Custody "Anytime Soon," Source Says [UPDATED]

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Jenelle Evans has spent a lot of time in court lately.

Obviously, we're talking about a woman who has always spent more time in front of a judge than your typical mother of three.

Lately, though, she's been a weekly presence at her local courthouse. Good thing she has no jobs other than being Jenelle.

At issue, of course, is custody of Jenelle's children, who were placed with relatives last month following a CPS investigation.

The courthouse in Whitehill, N.C., is not only the site of Jenelle's custody hearings but also her supervised visits with her kids.

Today, Evans was asked what steps she's taken to win them back ... and sadly, you probably won't be surprised by her response.

UPDATE: Jenelle has now taken to Instagram and posted ... a direct message to Ensley, who is of course a two-year-old.

Can't say we saw that one coming, although, in a strange way, nothing really surprises us when it comes to Jenelle.

Sigh. Take a look:

1. The Regular

The Regular
Jenelle has been appearing in front of judges since her teen years, but lately, she's been spending more time under oath than ever before.

2. Losing Her Cool

Losing Her Cool
One of the best things that Jenelle and David could do in order to prove to a judge that they're temperamentally fit to raise kids is to act like grownups while on the courthouse grounds. But of course, they've failed to do that.

3. Strike One

On the first day of their initial hearing, David arrived at court with handgun prominently displayed on the dashboard of his car.

4. Strike Two

Shortly thereafter, David threatened to have a photographer arrested while entering the building.

5. Surprise, Surprise

Surprise, Surprise
To the utter shock of absolutely no one, the initial hearing did not pan out in the Easons' favor. They temporarily lost custody of their kids, all of whom are now living with relatives.

6. Long Road Ahead

Long Road Ahead
Now, David and Jenelle are fighting an uphill battle and will have to prove to a family court judge that they've changed their ways.

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