Jenelle Evans: Could She Actually Return to Teen Mom 2?!?

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Jenelle Evans does not always tell the truth.

This is a stunning statement, we know.

We'll give you a moment to pick your fallen jaw up off the flooor and to put your eyeballs back into their sockets...

Jenelle Evans and 2 Kids

The most tragic example of Jenelle's inability to stick by what she says, of course, centers around her marriage to David Eason.

Late last year, Evans announced she was separating from her violent husband and claimed that divorce papers would soon be drawn up.

Fast forward just a few months, however, and Evans had not just moved back in with Eason -- she had told the world that she was the one who apologized to him.

Evans basically she said begged Eason to take her back, which is just sad and gross and pathetic and disturbing, considering the welfare of three young kids is at stake here.

Jenelle Evans on Easter

But Evans doesn't just mislead fans when it comes to her personal life, though.

She does the same when it comes to her professional life.

Let's just consider her recent appeared on iClick TV's "Dirty Reality" podcast, shall we?

The disgraced reality star claimed in this interview that Teen Mom 2 producers had been in contact with her and wanted her to return to the series, approximately one year after shew as fired.

Jenelle Evans and a Child

Speculation swirled that Evans would replace newcomer Jade Cline on the program, a rumor that one source proceeded to label as "ridiculous" when speaking to The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

"Now, maybe that’s what [the producers] were telling Jenelle but that was never going to happen," the insider elaborated.

"Jade’s story is so dramatic and interesting, and they had already been shooting Jade’s footage for the season.

"There is no way they would waste budget money to send a crew and film Jade for the new season if there was any chance they would not be using her in the new season.


Jenelle Evans on Tik Tok

Oh, well. Okay then.

Jenelle also said on the aforementioned podcast that executives wanted to film her life in Nashville with her kids, back when she was actually living there, apart from Eason.

What about this assertion? Any validity to it?


"They weren’t spending the money to send a crew down to film and risk running into David," The Ashley's source explained.

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch

Eason was fired by MTV long before the same fate befell his wife, getting the pink slip for constantly uttering homophobic garbage.

(Evans was subsequently let go after David shot and killed their dog and Child Protective Services took their kids away and the network finally determined they simply couldn't support such a situation any longer.)

Here's the crazy thing, though:

MTV reportedly did give consideration to one angle involving Evans... and her hated rival, Kailyn Lowry.

Cuddling with Jenelle

"They got the idea when all of the domestic violence stuff was circulating about Chris [Lopez]," a source has said, referring to Lowry's two-time baby daddy and the order of protection she has against him.

"[Producers] had the idea that Kail could possibly call Jenelle and then visit her to squash their beef and talk about their experiences."

Evans and Lowry have gone back and forth for years on social media and in the press. These two seriously hate each other.

Which is what would have made the proposed storyline above so interesting, we suppose.

David Eason, Wife

At this point, however, Jenelle's ocntract with MTV is over and she says she's moving on.

"I have a new team I’m working with and we got some projects going on behind the scenes so I’m excited for whenever I can announce that," Evans said in early April.

Eason has since said a show is on the way, apparently based around parenting advice doled out to other parents by him and his wife.

Yes, this is as absurd as it sounds.

eason hell no

As for an eventual return to MTV?

Look at Eason's quote right there.

He has the same reaction to that question as we have when folks ask us if David Eason is a good person.

Hell no.

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