Jenelle Evans: I'm Finally Launching My Makeup Line, Dude!

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Well, let it not be said that we here at The Hollywood Gossip can't admit when we're wrong.

For years, Jenelle Evans has been talking about her makeup line, and for years, we've been saying it'll probably never happen.

Well, it looks like we were mistaken.

Multiple sources are now indicating that Evans and her team have selected a launch date for JE Cosmetics.

But will the products actually wind up in stores this time, or will this launch date quietly come and go, like so many others over the years?

Here's what we know about the situation thus far:

1. Finally

Yes, folks, it's all happening! Jenelle Evans is finally launching her makeup line! But some fans are still skeptical that the products will actually be made available to the public.

2. Looking Back

Looking Back
Jenelle, of course, has been teasing the release of her makeup line for YEARS now, and a pattern has emerged in her promotional efforts.

3. Makeup Shake-Ups

Makeup Shake-Ups
It goes something like this: Jenelle announces a vague launch schedule (a certain month or season); said month or season comes and goes; Jenelle never explains why the launch didn't happen.

4. But This Time ...

But This Time ...
This time, however, things are somewhat different, in that Jenelle has announced a specific date for the release of her long-, long-awaited makeup line.

5. Start Getting In Line Now!

Start Getting In Line Now!
According to announcements made on her Instagram page and some event called Miami Swim Week, JE Cosmetics will be available for purchase on September 19!

6. Inauspicious Start

Inauspicious Start
Unfortunately, the launch is already off to a rocky start, as the announcement has been deleted from Jenelle's Instagram page.

7. Sticking To the Script

Sticking To the Script
And as with every other failed launch, Jenelle has offered no explanation for why the date is suddenly being swept under the rug. Not a good sign ...

8. Web Mogul

Web Mogul
Of course, it's 2019, so most of Jenelle's sales will take place online, presumably through her website. And if you thought her personal life was a mess ...

9. Hurricane Hits the Coast

Hurricane Hits the Coast
As with everything else she does in life, Jenelle's website is mostly about vanity.

10. We Guess It Serves a Purpose?

We Guess It Serves a Purpose?
It's a good place to go if you want to see some of her older bikini pics, but there's not much info on how and when you can buy her makeup.

11. Whoops!

And Jenelle being Jenelle, her website contains one colossal error ...

12. Unbelievable ... And Freakin' Hilarious!

Unbelievable ... And Freakin' Hilarious!
If you click the link to buy Jenelle's cosmetics line, it takes you to her old site ... which was bought up by an animal rights group after she failed to keep up on the payments.

13. Making Progress?

Making Progress?
JE Cosmetics does have its own IG page, and while 36,000 followers for 9 posts might sound impressive, you may have a change of heart when you read the comments.

14. Roasted

Yes, it seems most of the followers are only there to drag Jenelle into oblivion and demand justice for her murdered French bulldog, Nugget.

15. Bleak

Needless to say, the future is not looking too bright for JE Cosmetics. Which is a problem, as neither she nor her husband is currently employed.

16. Taking a Break

Taking a Break
Many fans believe the social media hiatus that Jenelle recently announced -- but never went through with -- had little to do with her depression and everything to do with her failing businesses.

17. Paid to Braid?

Paid to Braid?
Yes, in addition to the fledgling JE Cosmetics, Jenelle is helping her husband to launch a brand called Black River, which will apparently specialize in braided bracelets and homemade knives.

18. Again, Not a Great Start ...

Again, Not a Great Start ...
Unfortunately for David, that name is already trademarked, and his social media pages keep getting pulled.

19. Shucks

If only there were some way he could have searched for similarly-named brands BEFORE he launched his own.

20. But Don't Worry ...

But Don't Worry ...
Eason is such a level-headed guy, we're sure he'll take this disappointment in stride.

21. Mogul In the Making

Mogul In the Making
As for Jenelle, well, we're sure she's gearing up for the big launch of her cosmetics brand. We hope she wasn't forced to push it back again or that the products will go mostly unsold because she's incredibly unpopular. THAT would be really embarrassing!

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