Mariah Brown Addresses Mental Illness, Is Just So F--kin' Grateful for the Sun

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Mariah Brown is once again keeping it real about a really important topic:

Her mental health.

Mariah Brown in Thought

The daughter of Sister Wives cast members Meri Brown and Kody Brown took to Instagram this week in order to offer up both an update on her feelings these days, along with a few inspirational words of wisdom for her followers.

"you know, when the sun has been absent from you life for days on end, you start to fcking feel it," wrote Brown as a caption to the contemplative photo above, adding:

it makes me feel really grateful for the chances i get to greet the sun each morning, to thank it for its light and energy. even on these grey chicago days, i know that it’s there, just beyond the clouds just waiting to warm the earth with its rays.

Profound stuff, right?

Mariah B

This message comes about a month after Brown revealed her mental health struggles to fans around the world.

“My sweet reminder to be easy on myself … Lately, my mental health hasn’t been so great. But I am in search of a therapist, and constantly reminding," she wrote on January 7, expounding as follows:

"I think sometimes mental and physical health feel really separated, but the truth is, they are all one in the same.

"I am a whole human being meant to be treated as such. And so are you. What a privilege it is to care for my whole being.

"Anyway -- I hope Koda can be a little reminder for all of us that sometimes running around, getting lots of snuggles, and chilling out are all we need.

"And maybe sometimes, we need a little bit more than that, too, and it’s a beautiful thing to be able [to] give that to ourselves."

Mariah Brown on the Gram

Mariah is 24 years old and living in Chicago.

She's engaged to a woman named Audrey and certainly does seem very in love with her.

Continued Brown in this update:

to be fair to myself, the days without the sun have been a little bleak.

i’ve let myself sit in that bleakness while continuing to thank and call in the sun via suryanamaskar, salutations to the sun. but nothing beats the real deal, vibrant vitamin d from the sun.

Mariah Brown, Audrey Kriss Photo

Mariah concluded by writing "and then there’s the sun — thank you sun."

We're so very glad to hear she's doing better these days, but now our attention turns to Mariah's famous mother.

Many Sister Wives fans are worried about Meri right now.

Can we all get together and hope she soon sees the bright sunshine in the very near future as well?

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