Mariah Brown Reveals Mental Health Struggles; Sister Wives Fans Rally Around Star

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Mariah Brown is not the best version of herself these days.

So says the Sister Wives star herself.

Mariah B

Earlier this week, Brown posted a photo of her dog looking sad on the sofa and opened up in the affiliated caption about her mental state at the moment.

We hate too report that it isn't all that great.

"my sweet reminder to be easy on myself," Mariah wrote as an introduction to her longer point, which started as follows:

lately, my mental health hasn’t been so great. but i am in search of a therapist, and constantly reminding myself to slow down, and seeking community with my people.

mb dog

Just a week before posting this image and this message, Mariah gushed over her fiancee... in extreme and moving fashion.

But it takes more than just true love to make one happy. It all has to start with being satisfied wiith oneself, you know?

Added Brown:

i think sometimes mental & physical health feel really separated, but the truth is, they are all one in the same. i am a whole human being meant to be treated as such. and so are you. what a privilege it is to care for my whole being.

Mariah Brown on TLC

Mariah, who is the only daughter of Kody and Meri Brown, continued as follows, referencing her precious canine and writing:

anyway— i hope koda can be a little reminder for all of us that sometimes running around, getting lots of snuggles, and chilling out are all we need. a

And maybe sometimes, we need a little bit more than that, too, and it’s a beautiful thing to be able give that to ourselves.

Mariah Brown on the Gram

Mariah appears to have her own issues here, but it can't help that her mother has been going through so much for such a long time now.

As has been well documented, Meri Brown has been rumored to be so unhappy with her life that she may leave polygamy altogether, although this remains mere speculation right now.

It's hard to imagine that knowing her mom is struggling isn't also weighing heavily on Mariah.

Thankfully, she has the support of Sister Wives fans across the globe.

Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss - Approved!

Fans in Brown's Instagram comments appreciated the graduate student’s honestly and were clearly rooting for her.

“Please be gentle with yourself and take all the snuggles you can get …,” one person wrote.

Another chimed in with:

“Mariah find your peace within you. In the end, the only person you will live with that matters is you. Find you and follow your heart."

We echo these sentiments. We love you, Mariah!

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