Larissa Lima RETURNING to 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After!

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Remember the reports that say that Colt Johnson has a new girlfriend and is returning to 90 Day Fiance in some capacity? He won't be alone.

A number of reports are now saying that Larissa Lima is making a comeback on 90 Day Fiance. Is this for real?!?!

Larissa Lima Smiles in an Interview

Frauded By TLC, who also run a podcast called Fraudcast, has been a fairly reliable source of breaking 90 Day Fiance news.

They are now reporting that Larissa Lima is returning to the franchise in the form of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

At this point, just about every 90 Day Fiance insider blog has echoed the news, though of course Larissa can confirm nothing.

The glaring exception is blogger John Yates, who appears to be on a well-earned sabbatical as he has not updated since late December.

Larissa Lima is Single Again

If Larissa is really, truly returning -- which feels like a reasonably safe assumption at the moment -- what does that mean?

For starters, it doesn't mean that she and Colt are back together.

It has been reported since last summer that Colt moved on from his hot model rebound girlfriend, Jess Caroline.

(Notably, it appeared that Jess accused Colt of abuse, describing very similar mind games and manipulations to what happened with Larissa)

Larissa Lima Shows Off Her Newest Face

So Colt allegedly has some new woman. The last that we heard, which was last year, they were living together ... along with Debbie.

In the mean time, Larissa has dipped her toes into the dating market, but she hasn't revealed any partners since she broke up with Erickee.

Well, unless one counts Larissa's one date with Corey Rathgeber.

Corey is very much back with Evelin now and in Ecuador, so if Larissa is with someone special right now, it's no one whom we know.

Larissa Lima Flaunts New Hair, Jawline, and Smile

So what will Larissa's return look like?

Our guess is that she has herself a new man and now undertaking this journey.

This is unorthodox for the franchise, but Darcey Silva already traded one partner for another to continue on the show.

Darcey walked so that Larissa could run, it seems. These women are two of 90 Day Fiance's biggest titans.

Larissa Lima Smells a Single Rose

Larissa is no stranger to dramatic behavior, which may mean that viewers are in for a treat.

That said, without Colt pulling the strings to manipulate her into emotionally spiraling, will she still be entertaining?

In a word: yes.

But if this hypothetical new boyfriend is considerably less toxic than Colt, viewers may see another side of Larissa previously only observed on Instagram.

Larissa Lima: The Queen Takes a Bath

Before you roll your eyes at the idea of Colt and Larissa returning separately, consider this: the Tell All special.

Imagine Larissa and Colt both showing up in person to film the Tell All special with their respective new partners by their sides.

That is a ridiculous mess just waiting to happen and we are eager to eat it up.

Assuming that it happens at all, that is.

Larissa Lima Says Who Is Against the Queen Will DIE!

As much as a number of folks have reported this news as "confirmed," we'll wait until we know for sure before we get our hopes up.

(No, that's a lie, our hopes ar already up)

Larissa can't announce this news herself before a trailer comes out, but maybe we'll see some sort of confirmation soon. We'll keep you updated.

And remember: Who is against the Queen will die!

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