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Mariah Brown is totally in love and she wants the entire world to know about it.

This is not exactly breaking news, of course, considering the Sister Wives cast member is engaged to Audrey Kriss — and, along with an agreement to marry someone, typically means that rather strong feelings are involved.

Mariah Brown, Fiancee
Photo via Instagram

Brown, however, simply could not stop gushing over her fiancée in a special birthday shout-out she posted on Instagram on December 30.

“Cheers to 24 years and blessings for the next,” Mariah began the caption. “As we move into the next decade, I can’t wait to see what is in store for us, for you, and for our future."

Mariah and Audrey got engaged in February of this year.

They’ve been together since 2017, taking many Sister Wives viewers by surprise at first because a lesbian relationship would seem to go against the religious beliefs of those in a polygamous family.

Photo via Instagram

After showing some initial reluctance to accept Audrey into their lives, however, Kody Brown and company eventually grew to love her and have even featured Kriss on their long-running reality show.

(Mariah, for those unaware, is the only daughter of Kody and Meri Brown.)

"This year has been one of the single greatest years of my life. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have you by my side," Audrey wrote to Mariah on their one-year anniversary of dating, adding last year:

"You stick with me through thick and thin, even though I tickle you to the point you get mad at me."

Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss in the Snow
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As you can therefore see, these two have never been shy about expressing their feelings for each other in a public forum.

And that continued this week in honor of Audrey’s birthday.

“You are truly the light of my life and it’s my greatest gift that you were born twenty-four years ago,” Mariah, also 24, continued. “I love you so. Happiest birthday, my babylove [sic]."

AWWWW, right?!?

Mariah Brown, Audrey Kriss Photo
Photo via Instagram

Just a few days earlier, the graduate student praised her soulmate for giving her another family to hang with for the holidays when she couldn’t make the trip to Flagstaff to be with the Browns.

"Feeling extra grateful for this one today,” Mariah wrote on December 23, elaborating as to why:

“For taking care of me when I’m sick and loving me when I’m a towel and always having the biggest smile on your face.

"I’ve been struggling a little bit with spending another Christmas away from my given family, but I’m so grateful that Audrey has given me another amazing family that I am so lucky and excited to spend quality time with.

"Grateful I got a great partner with great parents/family."

Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss - Approved!
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Janelle Brown replied to this post as follows:

“Going to miss you guys so much."

The Browns, meanwhile, will all return to the air when brand Sister Wives episodes premiere Sunday, January 5 at 10/9c.

As detailed below, though, it looks like rough times may lie ahead for Mariah’s mother and father: