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The future of Meri Brown as a cast member on Sister Wives appears to be up in the air right now.

The veteran TLC personality has continually shared cryptic messages on social media, while sounding unsure about where her life is headed and whether or not she wants Kody Brown to be a part of it.

But while some folks out there are wondering what will happen to Meri down the line, many of these same people are more focused on the here and now.

Meri Brown Goes Colorful
Photo via Instagram

Which is to say the following:

They are very concernd about Meri’s state of mind.

Late last month, Brown posted a lengthy message on Instagram.

In this message, the reality star talked about avoiding "toxicity," while this:

Meri Brown Appears Happy
Photo via Instagram

"I leave myself open to the possibility of love, growth, change, improvement, challenge, and all the things that will lead me to become a better woman, a kinder person, in a more positive headspace, and able to conquer challenges and realize my dreams.

"I look forward to what’s ahead, leave the past in the past, and enjoy the here and now.

"This is what matters. This is my vision."

Doesn’t sound like someone very happy with her current situation, does it?

Photo via Instagram

These days, Meri travels often for work with LuLaRoe and runs her own bed and breakfast in Utah, in addition to spending time in her rented home in Flagstaff, Arizona.

She has a lot going on.

“I am me,” Kody’s first wife added in her post, adding:

“I’m comfortable with who I am and what I do. I focus on what I have and what I’m doing and don’t get wrapped up in what the other person is doing, or how successful the other business owner is."

Meri Photo
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In response to this kind of confusing and concerning words, many Sister Wives viewers jumped on social media to wish Meri the best.

"I watch your program and see a person that is so hurt,” one commenter wrote.

“I feel really sorry for you. I pray god shows you the way to happiness, love, opportunities to show the world and your viewer [you’re] much stronger…

"They portray you as this weak person but I see a strong person inside watching to be set free and don’t look back."

Meri Brown in a Confessional
Photo via TLC

Nice sentiment, isn’t it?

This person wasn’t the only individual to basically encourage Meri to leave Kody and the Sister Wives universe behind.

"I believe she really loves her family and hopes it gets better but it seems as if everyone but Robyn shuts her out," said someone else, elaborating:

"I mean, it’s been 5 years and if her Kody can’t get past the situation I feel they should part and she should be able to live life and be loved."

Meri Brown in 2020
Photo via TLC

Others, meanwhile, didn’t get so specific.

They just wanted Meri to feel less lonely and more positive about her overall circumstances.

“You are amazing!” one Sister Wives fan wrote, for example. “Love you because of how genuine and real you are!!”

To wrap up, we’ll let this person have the final say:

Sometimes our life doesn’t turn out to be what the vision was we had in our minds. But it can still be better than we ever imagined. Just different. You have a great and loving personality and deserve happiness. However that looks.

Wishing you all the best.