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The Roloffs are generally known as a living, cordial family that rarely stirs up controversy.

This is a major reason why they’ve gained so much popularity over the years.

Over the past few weeks, however, various Roloffs have been forced to response to various forms of criticism.

Jacob Roloff and His Better Half

Amy, for example, understandably and admirably fired back at a troll who dared to make fun of her granddaughter’s hairstyle.

Then, several days later, Jeremy had to put an Instagram user in his/her place after this person feared that Jeremy had placed his child in danger.

And now it’s time for Jacob and his wife, Isobel, to say something in response to some backlash that came the former’s way just a couple days ago.

Photo via Instagram

As you might have read about on The Hollywood Gossip, Jacob found himself in some scalding hot water for sharing the above photo, which features the former reality star smoking a cigarette in the woods.

To be clear, we do not condone this behavior.

Jacob and Isabel Together

Smoking is a disgusting, addictive habit that increases the odds one one dying from cancer.

But to also be clear:

There are worse sins in the world, and Jacob is not Kim Kardashian; which is to say, he does not have millions upon millions of impressionable young followers about whom he ought to think before posting something on social media.

Photo via Instagram

This is why we think some of the reaction to his smoking photo has been a tad overblown.

Some folks out there slammed Jacob for promoting this "unhealthy" act, while others worrried about his pollution of the woods (why do they assume he littered?) and still others were concerned he would start a forest fire.

Photo via Instagram

Then there was the person who said Roloff should be arrested.

And another, as you can see below, who asked: Just saying where does he get an income, if not from TLC?

Both Jacob and Isobel saw these remarks and couldn’t help but reply.

In a rather epic clap back, Isabel retorted to this question of how Jacob makes money:

“Ask yourself why that matters to you.”

And then Jacob jumped in by pointing to Amazon and his book that’s available for sale there, "Out to See."

Somehow, though, even more shade rolled in against Jacob as he tried to defend himself.

A Big Kiss for Isabel Rock

“What happened to you?” one person asked, prompting Jacob to sarcastically respond: “Thank you for this comment,”

While some trolls were focused on the substance the reality star was smoking, others were concerned with his his actions would affect the environment.

“I’m disappointed that you are smoking in the forest. You grew up in Portland area, you saw how horrible Gorge fire was,” one person wrote.

Isabel addressed their worry, though writing:

“This is a literal rainforest, and nobody is leaving anything behind here."

Jacob left Little People, Big World over three years ago and has since been traveling around the Pacific Northwest with his now-wife and their two dogs.

He seems to be very much at peace and should maybe be applauded for shunning both the spotlight and the paycheck that came along with it.

Thankfully, one defender seemed to recognize and acknowledge this, remarking:

“Why is everyone so shocked and shaken? He is still Jacob and Jacob is living his life happily on his own."