Jeremy Roloff Puts Loser Instagram Troll in His Place

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Jeremy Roloff has much better things to do with his time these days than reply to trolls on social media.

Most specifically and most importantly, the former reality star has a brand new daughter to help raise, as wife Audrey gave birth to a precious boy named Bode back on January 8.

Just this one time at least, however, Jeremy had no choice but to say something to someone possibly well-intentioned online...

Hiking with Ember

... but also very, very mistaken.

Late last week, Jeremy posted a candid snapshot of his daughter, Ember, on his official Instagram account.

Although, to be more accurate, the snapshot was really of a project Jeremy was about to start, as he wrote as a caption to the photo below:

The Truck build is coming along! Picked up new shoes yesterday. I’m aiming to build an everyday driver that is practical, but can also handle any trail and every adventure we would realistically decide to take.

Having only owned and built cars pre 1976, this is already proving to be different and fun. I’m excited to see where the build goes.

ember truck

Instead of focusing on said project, though, one individual honed in on Ember standing on the ground, seemingly behind an active pick-up.

“Oh my gosh seeing that small child behind a running truck gives me anxiety! I have known too many accidents please be [careful!]” wrote this person.

To this person's credit, he or she was simply concerned about the well-being of a two-year old.

But to this person's discredit... come on. Did he or she really think Jeremy would have stuck his toddler behind the wheels of a truck that was about to back up?!?

comment to Jeremy

Thankfully, another astute observer also jumped into the Comments section and explained what was actually going on in this scene:

“Just the lights are on from opening a door. Simmer down."

Jeremy saw this remark and responded:

"Haha you’re the first person to get it right, my friend.”

Jeremy Roloff and Ember: What Cuties!

So there you have it.

As far as parent-shaming goes, this one was extra silly because the commenter's concerrns weren't even based in reality.

Just a few days ago, Jeremy's mother, Amy, also had to defend herself after a troll criticized Ember's hairstyle.

And, look, like we said above, we understand that these are just worried citizens of the World Wide Web.

But perhaps they should refrain from commenting on situations that either they know nothing about and/or have no business getting involved in. We're just sayin, you know?

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