Amy Roloff Lashes Out at Loser Troll Who Just Dissed Ember

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To Amy Roloff's credit, this Little People, Big World star just stood up for both her young granddaughter and women around the world.

To the discredit of society, meanwhile, Amy Roloff was forced to just stand up for both her young granddaughter and women around the world.

Do better, people. Please try and do a lot better.

Amy Roloff and Cute Ember

Allow us to set the scene here, okay?

On Thursday, Amy was fortunate enough to spend time with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff's two-year old daughter, Ember, along with their newborn son, Bode.

The very excited grandmother shared some photos from this babysitting adventure (above and below), writing as a caption:

Ember Watching Bode

"What a fun time the other day seeing my grandson, Bode [before] his doctor [appointment] and then a little fun time [with] my grand-daughter Ember. I love these special grandma moments."

"I definitely cherish them."

Very simple and sweet caption, right?

And very simple and sweet snapshots, right?

amy clap

Nope, wrong, apparently... based on one Instagram comment in response at least.

"Comb her hair," the user wrote, adding a face palm emoji this critical Tweet of a toddler.

Amy didn't just sit back and let this total loser insult Ember and/or Amy as a caretaker, though.

Amy Roloff, Bode

She actually replied in perfect fashion, using the above Tweet as a jumping off point for commenting on what young girls in general have to go through in a patriarchial universe.

"And we wonder where or when or if girls start becoming so self-conscious on [looks?]," she wrote back, adding:

"She was in her element, having fun and I had a great time creating a wonderful moment with her. Sorry, but hair had nothing to do with it."

Amy Roloff Offers Up Treats

It's a shame Amy had to educate this loser in such a manner, but we applaud her for doing so.

Her female empowerful point here follows daughter-in-law Audrey doing something similar.

The mother of two, who gave birth just over a week ago to Bode, posted a photo of her bare belly on Wednesday.

Here, take a look at it below:

Audrey Roloff, Post-Birth

She used this as an opportunity to keep things real with her followers, rather than spout some nonsense about needing to get her pre-pregnancy body back as quickly as possible.

"While this past week has been full of newborn snuggles and heart melting moments... it’s also been really hard," Audrey admitted as a caption.

She then concluded:

Roloff Women, Babies

"Despite the physical pains, I know these weeks of forced slow-down are exactly what my body and heart needs. REST.

"So if you’re in this season of life too, give yourself permission to rest and heal.

"I’m letting go of the pressure to rush back into working out, my social life, household chores, my pre-pregnancy clothes, or any kind of commitment that conflicts with recovery and rest."

We wish her only the best.

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