Jacob Roloff Slammed by Worried Fans After Being Photographed Smoking

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Last fall, Jacob Roloff married Isabel Rock, the love of his life. He's grown up so much since Little People, Big World fans first saw him.

But his latest photo is proving to be controversial among fans -- with some accusing him of being dangerously reckless.

Jacob Roloff Smoking in the Woods

"The old hang," Jacob Roloff tagged this photo of himself.

As he stands surrounded by towering, majestic trees, he's wearing a pale blue jacket over a sage green shirt.

What caught people's attention is that he appears to be smoking something, though it's unclear what it may be.

Everyone had an opinion. The only thing upon which commenters seemed to agree.upon was that they did not like this photo.

Staring at Isabel Rock

"Smoking anything is unhealthy," writes one commenter.

Another simply labels him as a "polluter," which may be a bit of a stretch.

One follower suggests: "maybe don't smoke in the redwoods?"

"I'm disappointed that you are smoking in the forest," another declares. "You grew up in [the] Portland area you saw how horrible to Gorge Fire was."

amy roloff IG comment Jacob Roloff smoking trees

On a more positive note, Jacob's actual mother, Amy Roloff, doesn't seem to have an issue.

"I’ve been there right?" she writes in the comments. "It is beautiful."

There are arguably three people whom one might say have "worrying about what Jacob does" as their actual job.

That would be Jacob, his mother, and his wife -- and it's very likely that Izzy herself snapped this pic.

Hug for the Groom

So, first and foremost, we don't actually know what Jacob is allegedly smoking here.

Seriously, we zoomed in until it looked like somebody turned a piece of graph paper into a color-by-numbers artwork.

While cigarette smoking is undoubtedly bad for you just as it smells aggressively awful, most don't think that this is what Jacob is smoking.

The white smoke tells many that Jacob may be smoking marijuana, either with a vape pen or from a joint.

Jacob Roloff smoking forest zoom

While smoking is certainly not the healthiest way to take in anything, marijuana is, let's be real, very mild. Lots of people take it medically.

Recreational marijuana is also legal in Oregon to anyone over 21. Jacob is, of course, 23.

Regardless of what Jacob may or may not be inhaling, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that Jacob is going to carelessy start a fire.

He's not an idiot. In fact, he has shown that he is very conscious of his environment and of his own actions.

Jacob Roloff smoking forest IG caption reply

Whatever the controversy about his photo, Jacob has shown that he doesn't think much of the responses.

When a commenter joked "omg so controversial," Jacob replied with two emojis, one expressing exhasperation and the other expressing laughter.

In other words: this is so dumb, but I've learned to laugh about it.

A Big Kiss for Isabel Rock

Jacob may have some very justified resentments about the years for which he was forced to be a reality star against his will ...

... But he has learned to capitalize upon that fame to sell his books and potentially his wife's art.

This "controversy" just goes with the territory.

And folks? He's not smoking indoors like some barbarian, or around children. We can probably relax.

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