Kendall Jenner Goes Blonde, Shuts Down Khloe Kardashian's Look-alike Joke

Kendall Goes Blonde, Shuts Down Khloe's Look-alike Joke!

Hm, how about Keeping Up with Kendall Jenner for a Kardashian spin-off show, round 58! 

Not only did the 23-year-old model throw us off by not walking during New York's fall fashion week and then secretly appearing on the catwalk in London, but she also debuted a brand new look -- blonde hair! 

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Kate Middleton Fans Launch Racist Smear Campaign Against Meghan Markle: You Owe All Your Success to the OG Duchess!

Kate Middleton Fans Launch Smear Campaign Against Meghan Markle

There are many weird corners of the internet in which regular folks rally around public figures with the same fierce loyalty that sports fans demonstrate for their favorite football teams.

There's nothing wrong with this fervent devotion, per se, but when it leads to viewing famous people as inhuman competing factions in some never-ending popularity contest, well ... that's when problems arise.

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Lauren Swanson: Going Back to School to Pursue a Career?!

Lauren Swanson: Going Back to School to Pursue a Career?!

The Duggars might easily be one of the most fascinating families on reality TV, but similar to the Kardashian family, many wonder what the heck they actually do for a living. 

Besides getting hefty paychecks from TLC, some of the Duggars help their dad, Jim Bob, with his commercial real estate business, while others do mission work or hobbies that they try to pass off as "careers". 

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