Ellen Pompeo Knows How Grey's Anatomy Should End

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The following is sad, but true, folks.

We hope you're sitting down and are well-prepared to take it in.

Okay? Are you ready? Here it goes:

Grey's Anatomy will end at some point.

Ellen Pompeo in Scrubs

When might the beloved series wrap up? We can't say for certain.

But ABC has renewed the show through next season, and Ellen Pompeo is signed through next season, so it's at least fairly safe to speculate that the drama may come to an end in May 2021.

That still feels like a long time from now, but the topic was broached by James Corden on Thursday night when he welcomed Pompeo as a guest to his talk show.

"Well, I can't really say what I think, because if we really do what I want to do, that would give it away," Pompeo teased, adding mysteriously:

"So, I've got to make up a lie, James! You're forcing me to lie right now."

As Mer

After making this quip, Pompeo turned a little more serious.

The actress clearly has given real thought to how she wants to see Grey's Anatomy sign off, But revealing she'd love to have some of the original cast make their way back to Grey Sloan Memorial.

"But that probably won't happen. That would be the most amazing day," Pompeo said, explaining that "some of them were killed on the show," hence why they likely won't make any future appearances.

As long-time fans of the show know well, of course, many key fake doctors have departed the series over the years.

T.R. Knight was killed off as George O'Malley.

Eric Dane was killed off as Mark Sloan.

Patrick Dempsey was killed off as Derek Shepherd.

Isaiah Washington was fired as Preston Burke, only to make an unexpected return in 2014.

Sandra Oh left the show that same year as Cristina Yang and has since gone on to earn multiple Emmy Award nominations for her role on Killing Eve.

Still, it wouldn't come as a shock if Oh arranged to stop by for the finale; at least Yang is alive and presumably doing very well in this fictional universe.

Ellen Pompeo Thinks

"The ending, the final episode, matters so much," Pompeo told Corden this week, adding:

"Are you kidding me? And the fans are never going to be happy no matter what. Sopranos, Game of Thrones, they're pissed no matter what you do. So, there's a lot of pressure on that final episode."

(Editor's Note: To be fair, the Game of Thrones finale was atrocious.)

Who would YOU want to see return to Grey's Anatomy for the finale, viewers?

And what did you think of the Grey's Anatomy Season 16 premiere?

Ponder those questions while you peek down below for a look ahead:

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