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Vinny got nearly naked on Jersey Shore: Family vacation this week, while Jenni got all up in the business of Ronnie and his dangerous girlfriend, Jen Harley.

Let’s start with the latter development first, shall we?


The gang’s issues with Ronnie were a repeat of what transpired on last Thursday night’s episode, when the guy had his head buried in his phone at absolutely all times.

Why? Because he was texting with Harley, of course.

Sick of Ronnie’s behavior, Jenni decided to do something about it on yesterday evening’s installment.

"’I’m gonna be with my roomies, but I’m gonna be [texting] the whole time,’" Jenni said, mocking Ron, at one point.

"What the f-ck is he doing?! You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna f-cking hit Jen up right now," she added, sending Harley a message that read:

"Is Ron being weird or am I drunk?"

This was clearly a great idea on her part… NOT!

When the ladies went back to join Vinny and Pauly D in the bungalow, Ronnie got up and left. Again.

This is when Jenni filled in the guys on what she did and said Jen had written her back.

She said similar things to Jenni that she said to Angelina a week ago (about Ronnie being absent and maybe drinking again), adding that he never came home from Cabo and was "starting huge fights over absolutely nothing. Complete character change."

Was Harley telling the truth, though? She isn’t exactly known for her adherence to the truth.

And yet: JWoww went ahead and invited Jen out to the strip club a female strip club that night, where the group was heading to watch Vinny’s Chippendales performance.

She admitted it was a "shady" move but didn’t seem to care in the moment. Also, she was very drunk.

Jen H.

"Ron won’t talk to me. Jen’s my last resort when it comes to Ron, so I need to protect you," Jenni explained during a sober confessional, continuing as follows:

"The last time this happened, you literally got ran over, I’m pretty sure you were about to get arrested, she got arrested. Like, we can’t have that again! So, open communication!"

Jenni was talking about THIS INCIDENT, of course.

When learned what JWoww was up to, she wasn’t pleased.

"Jenni was mad at Ronnie at one point for talking about her divorce and not respecting her," she told the camera. "She has to work on her double standards."

Pauly had a different reaction, however.

He hugged JWoww and called it a "gangster" move, even though he knew they were "playing with fire."

Watch Mom Season 7 Episode 1 Online
Watch Mom Season 7 Episode 1 Online

As for Vinny’s striptease? It pulled on the heartstrings of at least one attendee.

"I’m so proud!" bawled his mother, who sat in the front row to watch her son take it all off.

Angelina, meanwhile, was literally "about to orgasm," while Vinny requested Jenni join him on stage.

She was sat down in a chair and Vin proceeded to wrap a towel around himself, approaching her in a seductive manner.

He turned to face her, opened his towel and her face dropped! LOL!

Vinny then made her put on his boxer briefs for him — and then he urged her to stand up so he could bend her over and grind on her!


Ronnie called the whole thing "incest," which felt both true and, as a result, hilarious.

The episode concluded with Uncle Nino coming out on stage (he had been secretly invited by Pauly) in a Speedo and joining the guys for the finale.

Vinny was shocked.

Next week, however, the fun will end and we’ll get to see what goes down when Harley shows up at the strip club and a visibly uncomfortable Pauly texts Ronnie to let him know.

Sounds exciting!