Larissa Lima Files Police Report Against Eric Nichols: Leave Me Alone!!

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On September 11 of all days, Larissa Lima dumped boyfriend Eric Nichols after seven months of dating.

Many rebounds don't work out, but this relationship has taken an alarming twist since it ended.

Larissa began receiving harassment so bad that she has filed a police report against Eric. Yikes.

Larissa Lima and Eric Foster

The Blast reports that, on September 18, Larissa Lima filed a complaint with the Las Vegas Police Department.

She accuses her recent ex-boyfriend, Eric Nichols, of harassing her.

Larissa filed the report and police are currently investigating.

Now, fans already knew that Eric had been trolling Larissa, sharing his side of the story and hanging out with Colt and Debbie.

But this takes things to a new, upsetting level.

Colt Johnson and Eric Nichols

An inside source spoke to Us Weekly about Larissa's attitude towards Eric, whom she was happily dating just a few weeks ago.

"Larissa doesn’t want to speak about it anymore," the insider reveals.

The source explains that she doesn't want to discuss him "because she wants Eric to go away."

There is another reason, however, aside from simply wanting to wash her hands of him.

"And," the insider continues, Larissa "doesn’t want to give him the fame he’s thirsty for."

Larissa Lima and Birthday Cake

Larissa's issues with Eric go far beyond their breakup. It's about the behavior that followed.

"Eric gave out her number to other women," the source reports.

"And," the insider reveals. "They were calling and texting and harassing her nonstop."

"So," the source concludes. "She changed her number last week."

While Larissa likely cannot prove who released her old phone number, the nature of the harassing calls does seem to indicate Eric as the culprit.

Larissa Lima is Single Again

Thanks to social media and to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, we know the content of one of those calls.

Larissa answers the phone and, in her very distinct voice, says: "Hello?"

At this point a sultry or possibly inebriated woman's voice teases: "I suck Eric's d--k better than you."

Larissa comments: "And this sweet girl was following both of us sending thousands of messages for me and I didn't answered."

"Her phone number was linked with her account," she reveals.

Larissa adds: "Who gave my phone number...any bet?"

Colt Johnson, Debbie Johnson, and Eric Nichols

When Larissa and Eric first connected on Tinder in early February, it looked like he wasn't looking for fame in the slightest.

In fact, it was weeks after they started dating before Eric overcame his alleged "shyness" enough to show his face on Instagram.

But he accompanied Larissa to two different parties at Crazy Horse III.

He spent months all over social media alongside Larissa.

And he even appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? during the Tell All special.

Maybe he got a taste for fame and wanted more.

Larissa Lima: The Queen Takes a Bath

Some have speculated that Eric may be furious at Larissa over the breakup because he wanted a reality gig of their own.

But remember that, historically speaking, men haven't ever needed a missed reality gig or endorsement deal to behave poorly.

Some men don't handle breakups well. They can't go from love to friends or love to strangers.

Unfortunately, these men try to exact petty revenge -- or worse -- upon their exes.

Hopefully, simply filing he police report will bring an end to this harassment.

If you break up, just move on. Don't try to vanquish your ex.

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