Diddy Freaks Out on Instagram After Cassie Ventura Marries Alex Fine: You'll Never Do Better Than Me!

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It was only this summer that Cassie Ventura announced her pregnancy. And only one month ago that she announced her engagement to Alex Fine.

This week, in a secret ceremony, Cassie and Alex were married.

It looks like it's taking an emotional toll on Diddy, who spoke on social media about how he's coping.

Cassie Ventura Embraces Alex Fine

On Thursday, the one who officiated the secret wedding ceremony for Cassie Venture and Alex Fine broke the news.

"By the power vested in me …" the Instagram post begins.

The revelation continues: "@alexfine [and] @cassie Long may you ride!"

That is exciting news, just one month after their engagement announcement.

But it's understandable that some were less overjoyed than others.

It's Diddy!

Just hours after the news broke, Diddy took to Instagram to share a photo of an affirmation.

Clearly, he wanted some emotional support and shared with fans how he is coping.

He shared an image.

"Keep Going. I’ve got you. – The Universe," the simple graphic reads.

It's good to find comfort when you're feeling totally thunderstruck by sudden news.

Diddy IG universe affirmation

You have to remember that Diddy and Cassie aren't just exes.

The two of them were in a real, committed, loving relationship for over a decade.

11 years is a long time to love someone.

Considering that they only broke things off last year, seeing her pregnant, engaged, and married in a span of months is bound to take its toll.

Sometimes, even people you think that you've gotten over can tug at your heart.

Diddy and Cassie Pic

Cassie and Alex went public with their romance in late 2018.

It was early this summer that Cassie announced her first-ever pregnancy.

That had to be weird enough for Diddy.

Then the engagement in August and a marriage one month later has to be taking its toll.

Besides, normally, if your ex moves on, you want to check and make sure that at least she hasn't upgraded.

Alex Fine may not have Diddy's name recognition, but he is hotter. That might sting a little.

Cassie and Alex Fine

Cassie may not be the only one who's moved on, however.

This past summer, just weeks after Cassie's pregnancy announcement, Diddy was spotted with a beautiful young woman by his side.

22-year-old Lori Harvey (yes, Steve Harvey's stepdaughter) was by his side in New York.

Their 27-year age difference may be older than Lori herself, but she seemed to be enjoying herself according to eyewitnesses and photos.

It doesn't mean that Lori is Diddy's new love -- but it looks like he's at least willing to get back into dating again.

Cassie V.

Diddy and Cassie's relationship lasted for so long, but not without a series of breakups. The key was that they would always get back together.

The thing about on-again, off-again relationships is that they have to start being stable relationships or result in a breakup.

You can't get to the point where you're both elderly and keep breaking up for a couple of weeks at a time. That's absurd.

But we do feel for Diddy. It's Cassie's life to live but he's allowed to get deep in his feelings about it.

Who knows -- maybe he'll entertain us all with an over-the-top wedding in the next few years, just to show the world that he can do it, too.

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