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Duggar fans just can’t get over the fact that Jana Duggar is still single.

Under normal circumstances, there would be nothing even the slightest bit unusual about an unwed 29-year-old woman.

Jana Duggar in a Field of Green
Photo via Instagram

But there’s nothing normal about the Duggars — or the way they raise their children.

Jana and her sisters were taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

And so, Jana’s family, friends, and fans are growing increasingly concerned as she continues to "squander" her child-bearing years.

We like to think it’s an act of rebellion that dwarfs Jinger wearing pants.

Jana Duggar Dress
Photo via Instagram

But Jana claims she’s actively seeking Mr. Right and simply hasn’t found a suitable partner.

In fact, she’s made it clear several times in recent years that the hunt is very much on.

And so the Jana courtship rumors continue to surface at the rate of about one per week.

And these days, a potential partner from back in the day is once again piquing the curiosity of Duggar fans.

Jana Duggar on TV
Photo via TLC

You may recall rumors that Jana is dating Lawson Bates of the almost-famous Bates family.

The Bates are basically Tennessee’s version of the Duggars, but considerably less well-known.

They’re evangelicals, there’s about 500 of them, and they once had their own reality show, but it remains unclear if WeTV is planning to produce more episodes.

Anyway, of all of Jana’s potential courting partners, Lawson is the one that fans most want to happen.

Which is why their ecstatic over the fact that Lawson is using his new pilot’s license to make regular trips to Arkansas.

Bates has been documenting his flights on social media, and Duggar obsessives are convinced that we’re just days away from an announcement.

“This is one of several recent flights there,” one person wrote on a Reddit thread.

“Could be he’s just doing some flight hours for his license, but courtship is always a possibility.”

Lawson Bates Pic

Others have suggested that Bates might be visiting one of the other prominent evangelical families in the area, such as the Caldwells or the Swansons, both of whom have single daughters.

But on Reddit, others were quick to point out that Jana remains the mist likely object of his affection.

“I don’t think the Caldwell’s or the Swanson girls are the right age for either [Lawson’s brother] Nathan or Lawson,” one person wrote.

“Nathan is almost 26, and Lawson is 27. Lily Swanson and Lauren Caldwell are both 18.”

Jana and Lawson

We’d say it’s time to start picking out wedding songs — were it not for the fact that Jana-Lawson dating rumors have surfaced several times in the past, and they’ve always been shot down.

“No, we’re not a thing,” Jana replied when pressed about the rumors last year.

Lawson was quick to shoot down the reports after his mother recently "liked" an Instagram post that claimed he’s dating Jana.

“My mom was scrolling through late last night and didn’t realize what she was liking,” he told In Touch Weekly at the time.

Lawson and His Guitar

“Meanwhile, Instagram 101 for my mom is now in session.”

So it sounds like these two are not a love match.

But then again, that was then, this is now — and a lot can change in a year.

Also, it remains possible that Jana is interested in Nathan Bates.

We’re basically just throwing that out there so that the detectives who run Duggar Reddit can do their thing.