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Why is Jana Duggar single?

That’s a question Duggar Nation has been asking for years, and fans have not shied away from offering their two cents, and then some.

Some theories are more out there than others, obviously; Jana isn’t secretly a monster underneath her long dresses and skirts (we think).

But regardless of why the 27-year-old remains on the market, she continues to fascinate fans because WHY IS SHE ON THE MARKET?!

With Jill, Jessa and Jinger all married and Joy-Anna not far behind, the eldest Duggar daughter does her own thing. It’s a little baffling.

Here’s a look at all the rumors or reports we’ve read explaining this most unlikely phenomenon, and why they’re likely true (or false).

UPDATE: Since the publication of this piece, rumors have been swirling about Jana Duggar courting. Yes, at long, long last!

We would love to claim credit for it, but she and Jonathan Hartono have known each other for years, according to insiders.

NOTE: This has not been confirmed by the family, but it also hasn’t been denied. So … cautiously optimistic fingers crossed!