Anfisa Nava Bashes Body-Shamers: My Muscles ARE Feminine!

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Last month, Anfisa Nava conquered at ther very first bodybuilding competition.

She's always looked good in a bikini, but she went through a radical body transformation to qualify and to win.

Now, Anfisa is clapping back at body-shamers who tell her that she's too muscular.

Anfisa Nava Flexes

People have tried to say all sorts of things about Anfisa's new figure, as if it were their business.

Clearly, she has been aware of these critics all along.

"They say 'Muscles make you look manly'..." Anfisa's caption begins.

She continues: "I personally have never felt more feminine and happy than I do now."

Hey, good for her!

Anfisa Nava butt photos July 2019

"It's all about how you feel on the inside," Anfisa correctly affirms. "And not what you look like on the outside."

That's true with self-confidence, gender expression, and so much more.

"All shapes and sizes can be beautiful," she accurately states.

Anfisa notes that this beauty is possible "as long as you live in harmony with yourself."

That's a really encouraging message -- especially from someone whose recent body transformation was so dramatic.

Anfisa Nava Wears the Crown

Right on the heels of her victory, it would be easy for Anfisa to ignore hateful comments.

Instead, she's reminding everyone that what is or is not "girly" is incredbily subjective.

Anfisa herself is clearly over the moon about her recent awards.

"To be honest I still can't believe I won every class I competed in last weekend," Anfisa gushed.

"Only when I look at the photos and my trophies," she admitted. "I realize that it actually happened!"

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava Three Medals

Anfisa's bodybuilding was a means to an end -- and also something to pass the time while Jorge remains in prison.

But some people didn't like the look on her body.

They felt that she looked too lean, or too muscular, or both.

Those same people decided to be very vocal about their opinions on social media.

Having a strong opinion one way or the other on someone's appearance is mostly normal.

Trying to make that opinion Anfisa's problem by tell her about it is not okay. It's not like she's gonna f--k you either way.

Anfisa Nava Poses Before NPC Competition

Anfisa's diet comes down to what she eats and how much of it.

She has explained that she trimmed down by making food herself instead of going out to eat.

Anfisa then coupled that with ecercise to build muscle.

The final and most difficult step was a non-sustainable starvation diet undertaken in the days before the competition.

That was the diet that made her muscles especially visible.

Now that the competition is over, Anfisa is on a "reverse-diet" to try to restore some of her body's energy reserves.

Anfisa Nava Gained 10 Pounds

It wasn't so many months ago -- last December, really -- that this was just an idea in Anfisa's mind.

She worked hard and made it happen.

It looks like she could have a real future in this bodybuilding "hobby" that she chose for herself.

Of course, in only about 13 months, her husband Jorge may be released from prison.

(That is expected, but he may have to wait a few months longer than that)

Anfisa may want to keep up with her career after he comes home, or she may not. Either way, more power to her.

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