Jessa Duggar: I Know Why Jana is Still Single!

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On last night's episode of Counting On, the Duggar family attempted to answer a pressing question that's very familiar to fans:

The mystery of why Jana Duggar is still single.

Jana Duggar, Jessa Duggar

Jana's relationship status is a subject of near-constant discussion on social media, yet it's rarely discussed by the Duggars themselves.

Until, at one point last night.

Obviously, when a tree had to be moved from one of the Duggars' many properties to one of the Duggars' many other properties.

While the guys are hemming and hawing over how best to accomplish this feat, Jana took control of the situation.

Jana Pic

The 28-year-old proceeded to hop into an excavator and move the damn tree like it ain't no thing. Impressive stuff all around.

Jana's take-charge attitude and impressive ability to operate heavy machinery prompted Jessa to heap praise upon her sister.

"Jana is a 'Jana of all trades,'" Jessa says.

"She can do anything. She can wire an outlet. She can run the big machinery," her younger sibling said. "She can do it all."

Jana Duggar in an Interview

Appropriately for someone dubbed the Cinderella Duggar, Jana accepted the compliment with her signature modesty.

"I enjoy doing a lot of different things, so I guess I could be a 'Jack of all trades' or a 'Jana of all trades,' Jana says.

"But there's things I'm not good at," she conceded, unwilling to have her ego inflated, "Sports is one of them."

Jessa pressed forward, speculating that Jessa's talents might be too much for some potential suitors to handle.

Cinderella Duggar

"That may be why some of the guys are scared away," Jessa says, suggesting that men aren't able to wrap their heads around this.

"They probably just feel like 'This girl can do anything.'"

"'What can I do? What can I do compared to that?'"

Jessa adds: "Just kidding."

Don't let that deter you. She says it's okay if a guy's not as smart as her. Just come, and she might give you a chance."

Jana Duggar, Jinger Duggar

Well, that's kind of her.

This isn't the first time it's been suggested that Jana is simply too good for the men she encounters living in Tontitown.

Is it possible that the men in her area are too few and far between - at least the caliber who she might be interestd in?

Are they simply too insecure to date a woman who's more skilled and knowledgeable in traditionally "manly" areas than they are?

Jana Duggar and Israel Dillard

If so, maybe it's time for Jana to seek out greener pastures - something we all know doesn't happen in Duggar Land.

We're sure patriarch Jim Bob would be vehemently opposed to the idea at first, but he could probably be talked into it.

You just have to know what buttons to push.

For one thing, Jana moving to a big city in search of love would make for a great spin-off. Gotta keep the money machine running!

On top of that, it would distract from the rumors that she's dating Laura DeMasie ... which he can't be crazy about.

So, yeah, there you go.

Just explain it to JB in exactly those terms, and we're guessing he would suddenly think it's a wonderful idea.

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