The Bachelorette Spoilers: Shocking Conclusion to Luke P. vs. Luke S. Feud REVEALED!

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Even before Hannah Brown's season began, you didn't need The Bachelorette spoilers to tell you that Luke Parker is a psychopath.

You can't keep that kind of insanity a secret.

People were warning her about Luke even before he got out of the limo, petrified that it would be to whom Hannah Brown is engaged.

Luke P and Luke S

(Actually, he climbed on top of the limo and snarled like a wild beast, which should have been all the red flag she needed.)

The usually-chill Nick Viall called Luke out as a dangerous narcissist early on, and viewers quickly realized that was no exaggeration.

Few reality shows have attracted as many douche bros as The Bachelorette, and Luke might be the douchiest of them all -- which is really saying something.

If you've been reading Bachelorette spoilers, you know that sadly, Luke's con job is working like a charm, and Hannah won't be 86-ing him anytime soon.

Luke Parker and Hannah Brown

(This is the point in the article where we inform you that further spoilers are coming.)

(And if you wish to be surprised by the Bachelorette finale like it's Game of Thrones or some s--t, you should read no further.)

Luke makes it all the way to Hannah's final four, which is especially shocking given his behavior on Monday night's show.

As you may recall (who could forget?) Luke P. bodyslammed Luke S. following a particularly intense rugby game.

Luke Parker Pic

(Luke P. tried to make it sound like the slam happened mid-game, but that was not the case.)

The moment was caught on camera, but Hannah didn't witness it herself.

Then, for some reason, she's decided not to believe the other 14 guys in the house who have repeatedly told her that Luke P. is the absolute worst.

Yeah. It make zero sense.

Luke Parker

As you may have figured out, this situation doesn't have a happy ending.

According to the guru of spoilers Reality Steve, Luke P. moves on following next week's rose ceremony (the episode will air on Tuesday due to a scheduling conflict with the NBA Finals).

Luke S.? He does not.

But before you get prematurely furious at Hannah for sending the wrong Luke home, you should know that it wasn't her decision.

Her Future Husband??

Reality Steve is reporting that Luke S. TOOK HIMSELF OUT OF THE RUNNING and went home prior to the rose ceremony.

Frankly, given the extent to which Hannah has allowed herself to be manipulated by Luke Parker, we don't blame him.

In fact, we wish all the remaining contestants would take themselves out of the running. Not that we wish her any ill will.

But if that's what it took in order to help Hannah realize she's allowing a full-blown lunatic to stay on the show? Then yes.

Luke Parker Photo

As we said earlier, Bachelorette villains are nothing new, but the Luke situation is unprecedented.

Host Chris Harrison even felt the need to indirectly address the insanity in a recent interview:

"There’s gonna be villains, and it’s not your typical villain,” he said.

“It’s not the typical bad guy that’s like a flash in the pan and goes away ... although there are those too."

Crowning Luke Parker

"What really creates the drama, what really drives this entire season and may dictate how this ends for Hannah and kind of reflects and affects the rest of her life is the drama lasts, and it’s about people she cares about," Harrison added.

"It’s not just oh here’s the bad guy, he’s gone.

"This thing festers and has to deal with the entire kind of undertone to the season. So that’s what’s really going to shape the season, and what I think people are going to take away.”

Wow. Usually, Harrison alerts us when there's one rose remaining and otherwise keeps his commentary to himself.

On social media, Hannah is taking a lot of flak for not seeing through Luke P.'s BS, but to be fair, hindsight is 20-20 and the guy is a master manipulator.

Fortunately, these days, Hannah is engaged to someone else - and you can jump into the gallery above to find out which lucky guy earned her final rose.

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