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Here at The Hollywood Gossip, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most accurate and reliable Bachelorette spoilers.

But no one is perfect, and even the savviest prognosticators get it wrong from time to time. So do we, for that matter.

Hannah Brown Stands
Photo via ABC

It seems we owe an apology to anyone who went all-in on their Bachelorette pool based on info they received from us last month.

[Obviously, if it wasn’t clear already, The Bachelorette spoilers appear below, so if you wish to turn back, do so now.]

Yes, it seems we were mistaken when we told you that Hannah Brown is now engaged to Tyler Cameron.

We based our pick on intel obtained by the (almost) always-reliable Oracle of The Bachelor Reality Steve.

Tyler C.
Photo via ABC

Steve broke the news of Hannah and Tyler (above) getting engaged in May, but he has since received new, game-changing information.

“[Three] weeks ago I started hearing that Hannah was with Jed and not Tyler,” he wrote in a new blog post, and, well:

“Hannah chose Jed at the end and they are engaged.”

Yes, it seems that controversial country crooner Jed Wyatt (below) is the man who stole Hannah’s heart after all!

Jed W.
Photo via ABC

We’ll get to the controversy momentarily. Apologizing for his previous inaccurate information, Steve continued:

“Sorry the initial Tyler info was wrong," the soothsayer wrote. "Just wasn’t as solid as I thought it was."

But the info about Jed from [three] weeks ago is as solid as I can get and I just have to leave it at that.”

We know what you’re thinking … how can Steve be trusted when he got it wrong once already?

Hannah Brown in a Hat
Photo via ABC

All we can say to that is that his site has been the gold standard for Bachelor and Bachelorette spoilers for over a decade.

When he’s been wrong, he’s admitted it without hesitation, and sounds like he has full confidence in this new intel.

Today’s twist has led to rumors that Hannah pulled an Arie Luyendyk by getting engaged to her runner-up after the fact.

That doesn’t appear to be the case, however.

As far as we can tell, Hannah picks Jed over Tyler in this season’s finale, and the two of them get engaged.

Now, the revelation that Hannah went with Jed likely won’t sit well with some fans, for obvious reasons.

It was bad enough that dude admitted during his first date with Hannah that he only auditioned for The Bachelorette because he thought the exposure would help his music career.

That’s right, he was there for the wrong reasons.

Jed on The Bachelorette
Photo via ABC

Jed claimed that since meeting her, he had eyes only for Hannah and his perspective on the show had totally changed.

She bought it, but then Jed’s ex-girlfriend came forward and revealed that the two of them were still dating during his time on the show.

Not a great look.

Jed’s jilted ex, Haley Stevens, even issued an apology to Hannah for her role in this utter debacle playing out before our eyes.

Jed Wyatt’s ex GF Haley Stevens
Photo via Instagram

No word yet on Beast Mode’s reaction, but one would have to imagine she’s probably less than thrilled by the situation.

Brown bounced a different dude early in the season after learning he had a girlfriend, and right about now, she may be wishing she’d given the same treatment to Jed!

But hey, it could’ve been worse, right?

After all, she could have ended up with Luke Parker.

Luke Parker and Hannah Brown
Photo via Instagram

UPDATE: Reality Steve is now reporting that Hannah has dumped Jed after learning of his infidelity.

The decision comes just days after a woman came forward with claims that she slept with Jed while he was dating Hannah … and just before he boarded his flight to LA!

We’re sure it wasn’t an easy decision for Hannah to make, and it sucks that she’s alone again after all that time seeking Mr. Right.

But there’s no question that she made the right call.