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Even if you’re not following The Bachelorette Spoilers, you’ve heard by now that Jed Wyatt had a real-life girlfriend.

He told her that he was going on the show to boost his career, but then ghosted her and ended up being one of Hannah’s frontrunners.

Now, that very unhappy ex is telling all.

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(Entertainment Tonight)

Haley Stevens, like Jed a musician in Nashville, says that she dated him for four months before he flew off to date Hannah.

Just three weeks into their relationship, she says, he told her that he was in the casting process for The Bachelorette.

He told her that he wanted to appear on the show for a nice career boost, and he offered her out of the relationship if she wanted.

According to Haley: "He came forward, basically said, ‘I’ve been talking to my mom about this, I just don’t think there’s any way we can go forward.’"

"’I kind of see where this is going, and I don’t feel right not giving you the chance to walk away. I have to be upfront about it,’" she quotes.

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In a screenshot that Haley provided to Entertainment Tonight, Jed texted her affectionately as he boarded a plane on March 12.

"I love you! Don’t forget that. Everything is always working out," he writes in the alleged text. "It all adds up."

"I love you! You’re such a light to me and to everyone you surround yourself with," Haley gushed back at him.

"I can’t wait for the whole world to know you Jed," she expressed. "You are so special and you are going to be so great!"

"I’m all yours and I’m going to miss you like crazy," Haley promised. "Go be an inspiration and a light."

"I’ll be praying for you (and me) and your family everyday!" she concluded. Apparently, she prayed too hard.

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So why did Haley decide to come forward?

Well, for one thing, she saw a lot of blog posts about The Bachelorette, including spoilers like ours.

And then she was encouraged to tell her story, because the world knew she existed and was going to report about her anyway.

"People were saying they were going to tell my story — me, real girl, real life," Haley explains.

She continues: "and I wasn’t going to have any control of that."

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"It didn’t seem fair that nobody was going to stand up for me here," Haley expresses.

That’s totally understandable.

"Obviously I’ve looked back on this," Haley admits. "I read text messages that I sent that I’m like, ‘This is embarrassing.’"

"’How could I let myself be here?’" she asks herself. "’How could I let myself believe this?’"

It doesn’t sound like this is really her fault. Jed is hardly the first to string someone along only to leave them for reality TV.

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Some have accused Haley of being a fool for letting the man she was dating go on a dating show without breaking it off.

"Someone told me they love me, this is what’s best for them," Haley characterizes.

She admits that "I trusted in that."

"I could never have known that this is what the situation would be," Haley protests.

"I could never have known that feelings would be involved," she adds. "Or hearts would be broken."

Hannah Brown Stands

"I know that this story is hurtful to [Hannah Brown]," Haley says. "And she’s feeling what I have felt."

Jed didn’t just betray one woman’s trust — he betrayed two.

"And," she admits. "That is not an easy thing to do or know that I’ve done."

"None of it’s easy," Haley adds.

Jed W.

She regrets that "So many people are tied up in this."

It sounds like Haley’s in an impossible situation.

And we don’t think that Jed’s big plan to get famous worked out too well for him, either.