Southern Charm Stars Side With Danni Baird in Kathryn Dennis Feud

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After a recent blowup on Southern Charm, newcomer Eliza Limehouse explained that Thomas Ravenel had messed up Kathryn Dennis.

That, she said, was why Kathryn had lashed out at her close and loyal friend, Danni Baird.

Despite explanations for Kathryn's behavior, the show's stars were quick to side with Danni in her new feud with Kathryn.

Kathryn Dennis and Danni Baird, All Dressed Up

Kathryn has made tremendous personal strides in recent years, even earning high praise from her castmates.

But ... is she backsliding.

After she went off on Dani Baird for no apparent reason, her castmates had some real concerns.

Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks both observed that Kathryn can be quick to discard friends.

Whether she actually means to or not is kind of up in the air.

Kathryn Dennis and Danni Baird

The cast was more or less entirely on Danni's side.

In fact, the guys and their weird, men-only trip that zero viewers asked to see ended up talking about the feud.

Shep thinks that Kathryn should listen to Danni's point of view.

From his perspective, Kathryn's treatment of her very loyal friend looked like a slap to the face.

Craig Conover -- the guy whose party ended up including the spat between the women -- pointed something out.

He observed that Kathryn was just doing what guys do all of the time.

Kathryn Dennis with Danni Baird

Now, Danni had some time to cool off and to carefully consider Kathryn's behavior.

After a while, she concluded that she wasn't going to take the blow-up personally.

Why? Because at that time, Kathryn wasn't trusting anyone.

Danni did send Kathryn a text reminding her that she had "spit" on their friendship.

Just because she understood Kathryn's mental state didn't mean that he was okay. She wanted an apology.

Kathryn Dennis Flaunts Nails on instagram

Danni thinks that something that distorted their friendship dynamic was that Kathryn is under a lot of stress.

Her ongoing custody battle with Thomas Ravenel is exacting a toll upon her psyche.

Danni tried hashing things out with Kathryn, but her efforts to make peace fell upon deaf ears.

"It’s very hard,” Danni admitted. “It’s hard to have conversations like that or bring things up like that at all."

"You never know the right moment to say it," she added.

"So, sometimes it comes out when it shouldn’t," Danni acknowledged. "But, like, it just has to come out. Word vomit."

Kathryn Dennis in a Fancy Hat

Danni has also pointed out that Kathryn thought that she was speaking about her behind her back.

Beautiful Naomie Olindo also weighed in and described Kathryn as an "overthinker."

In other words, Kathryn will hear something and seemingly be okay with it.

Later, she will dwell on whatever it was in her thoughts. She perseverates, and things start to fester.

Because of that, Danni explains, Kathryn will later be furious about something and other people won't know why.

Kathryn Dennis Looks Gorgeous

It sounds like things are way, way better between Kathryn and Danni these days.

They've had cute photos together.

Kathryn recently gushed that Danni is the one who taught her the true meaning of friendship. So yeah, things sound good.

Plus, even when they were Team Danni in that feud, Kathryn's Southern Charm castmates still freaking love her.

It's hard to do anything but love her, you know? Unless you're Ashley Jacobs.

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