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Looks like Anfisa Nava is putting those insane abs to good use!

The 90 Day Fiance season four star has spent the last year transforming her body in preparation for her first ever bodybuilding competition.

Well, the big day finally came, and we’re here to tell you she absolutely killed it!

On Saturday Anfisa competed in the NPC West Coast Classic competition in Riverside, California. 

The 23-year-old Russian model walked into the competition a first-timer with no expectations.

She then walked away with three medals!

Anfisa proudly shared her results on her Instagram, flaunting her medals and, as usual, her incredible physique.

"2nd place novice and true novice, 5th place open," Anfisa revealed in the caption, adding a relieved face emoji.

"Such an amazing first show experience," she recalled.

Anfisa also shared a video clip of herself posing on stage for the final round. 

In the video, Anfisa struts and shows off her form to a remix of Flo Rida’s "Low," as fans in the audience scream out her her name.

That’s the dream, people.

Anfisa can hardly contain her excitement in the accompanying caption.

"Stayed up until 5am re-watching videos from last night at #NPCwestcoast @centerpodium and reading your comments!" she exclaimed.

Anfisa added that she tried to sleep, but woke up just a few hours later becasue she was "overwhelmed with joy and excitment."

She also mentions that she had a bit of stage fright, saying that her performance was "A little rushed as I was nervous."

If she was nervous, it didn’t really show on stage. We thought she looked graceful, strong, and happy with her performance.

And we know it’s an experience she looks forward to repeating, along with her coach Paul Revelia.

"Can’t wait to see what @paulrevelia and I are going to bring to the stage next time," she wrote, adding the fire emoji for good measure.

Anfisa Nava Poses Before NPC Competition

We’re glad she’s excited for more. Anfisa seemed a bit apprehensive about her future in bodybuilding in a recent interview with E! Online.

"We’ll see how this first one goes. I don’t really have any expectations," Anfisa told E!

"I just want to get my feet wet and see what its like, and go from there," she explained.

Pretty stellar results for someone who wasn’t even sure she wanted to keep doing this.

Maybe she was just being modest.

Anfisa Nava Gained 10 Pounds

On the other hand, Anfisa definitely had other options, if her competition had turned out to be a nightmare.

She’s currently enrolled in community college, and she revealed she also hopes to attend a four-year university starting in August.

Between all the hours spent studying, and all the work it takes to maintain that model figure, we expect Anfisa will have her hands quite full.

That said, now that her husband Jorge Nava is behind bars, Anfisa will have that much more time to focus on herself.

Jorge, who was introduced along with Anfisa on 90 Day Fiancewas arrested in February of 2018 for possession of 293 pounds of marijuana (woah!) with intention to sell.

In September, he received a two-and-a-half year sentence.

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Nava Dance

Meanwhile, Anfisa’s been throwing herself headlong into her fitness regime, and showing off the results along the way.

She recently shared her fitness secrets that led to her 26-pound weight loss and incredible muscle tone.

(Spoiler alert — she ate less food and exercised a lot)

No doubt, Anfisa’s dealt with plenty of stress, and put in a ton of work lately.

But when the reward turns out to be a literal medal, we’re betting it feels worth the trouble.