Jenelle Evans Attempts to Defend David Eason, Gets Roasted on Twitter

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If you're still able to see Jenelle Evans' tweets, congratulations!

The thin-skinned former reality star is notorious for smashing that block button at the slightest provocation, and she's only become more trigger happy in the weeks since she was fired from Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle with David and Ensley

Unfortunately for Jenelle, she's so widely despised on social media that there's no way she could ever block all of her critics.

The smart thing for her to do would be to take full advantage of the mute option and ignore her "haters" as much as possible.

But when has Jenelle ever done the smart thing?

Instead of just keeping her head down and focusing on regaining custody of her kids, Evans engages with her detractors on a daily basis.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: In Love

Most of the recent criticism has had to do with the fact that her husband, David Eason, shot and killed Jenelle's dog, thus prompting a CPS investigation that resulted in the couple's kids being removed from their home.

Jenelle should hate David more than anyone, but instead, she defends him at every opportunity.

And apparently, she even goes so far as to invent anti-David invective just so she can push back against it.

"Making fun of someone with vitiligo is not cool. #JustStop," Jenelle tweeted on Thursday, apropos of nothing.

David Hate

Vitiligo is a pigment disorder that has affected David for his entire life.

But as you might expect, the internet is not exactly brimming with sympathy for Eason these days, especially since Evans didn't even point to a recent instance in which someone made fun of David for his condition.

Obviously, Evans invited major backlash when she stuck her neck out for the man who murdered her dog and cost her custody of her children.

Or, as one fan put it, "Lord have mercy this girl knows how to set herself up,"

The response to Jenelle's plea for sympathy was swift and harsh:

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in December

"I personally wouldn't make fun of any medical condition," one follower tweeted.

"However, making fun of people who are gay, not white, or special needs isn't 'cool' either."

A solid point, if ever there was one.

It's worth noting again that Jenelle did not furnish any evidence of a follower mocking Eason's condition, and it's unclear what comment Jenelle is referring to in this case.

Jenelle and David on the Lot

The most recent snide remark about David's condition that we were able to find is from way back in 2017 when a fan commented, "Does he have aids whats up with his hand?" on an Instagram photo of David.

Is Jenelle really griping about an insult from over two years ago?

Or is she merely attempting to distract attention from the fact that it doesn't look like she'll be getting her kids back anytime soon?

We can't say for sure -- but we certainly have our theories.

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