Jon Gosselin Pays Thirsty Tribute to Girlfriend: Thanks For Tolerating Me!

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It's heartwarming to remember that, while Kate Gosselin is broke and desperate for love, Jon Gosselin already found his happiness.

He and his girlfriend Colleen have known each other all their lives and are a beautiful couple.

In a sweet, affectionate post, Jon pays tribute to her for her birthday. Take a look:

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad, All Dressed Up

"Happy Birthday Colleen!!!" Jon Gosselin gushes alongside this sweet photo.

In the photo, Colleen looks stunning in a burgundy dress, and Jon cleans up nice himself.

He expresses: "Thank you letting me a part of your life."

"I appreciate everything you have done for me," Jon writes. "And my children."

"I Love you very much," he emphasizes. Awww!

Jon Gosselin and Colleen in the Polar Vortex

"And," Jon continues his tribute. "I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow."

He explains his wish, adding: "since you worked all day today!!!"

A lot of people work on their birthdays and take another day off, if any.

Clearly, Jon wants other people to know how hard she works. He's so proud!

"Love you," Jon's sweet message concludes.

Jon Gosselin for 2019

Colleen had shared that exact same photo a couple of weeks ago, which makes it recent.

They were dressed up so formally, and Colleen's caption explains the context.

"Congratulations to Brooke Lewis and Mark!" she wrote at the time.

"Such a beautiful couple," she praised. "And amazing wedding!"

"So Glad I was able to a part of it," Colleen concluded.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad on Vacation

"Cheers to the both of us on our first couples vacation of 2019," Colleen captioned another recent pic of the two of them.

Meanwhile, on that same vacation, Jon made fun of Southern California residents.

He parodied them by jokingly  complaining that it was "freezing" at 63 degrees in Santa Monica.

Good. Anyone who's cold at that temperature is either seriously ill, a reptile, or deserves ridicule.

More to the point, it's great to see Jon and Colleen taking the time to enjoy life and have fun.

Jon Gosselin and Just 2 Kids

For months, now, Jon Gosselin has been spending quality time with his son, Collin.

This is cause for celebration to fans who have, for years, hoped and prayed that he would be free from Kate's toxic clutches.

(It was a relief to some when she shipped him off to a vaguely defined institution for his vaguely defined "problems," because he wasn't around her)

For over a year, now, Hannah has been staying with her father.

With Colleen, they form a family of their own.

Jon's giving his kids a chance that Kate never could -- a chance to be happy.

Colleen Conrad

Colleen works as a nurse. Many assume that she is the primary breadwinner in the family.

In additional to occasional interviews, Jon also works as a DJ.

His celebrity status helps him to secure work in that field.

Navigating the professional world after reality stardom on his level can be extremely difficult.

Jon hasn't always impressed fans with his parenting, but he'd bend over backwards for his kids -- and he has for Hannah and Collin.

Like Jon, we hope that Colleen had a wonderful birthday. She certainly deserves it.

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