Jana Duggar: Is She Finally Ready to Settle Down?

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If you're a fan of her family's reality show, then you're no doubt aware that Jana Duggar is single.

The 29-year-old's alleged difficulties in finding Mr. Right are not prominently featured on Counting On, but you can't wander into one of the Duggar-obsessed corners of social media without running into a debate about why she's still unattached.

Jana Duggar in a Field of Green

Clearly, this is an issue that's very much on the minds of fans.

You may think it's strange that the public places so much importance on the relationship status of a woman who's not even 30 years old.

And you would be 100 percent correct in your thinking because it totally is strange.

But to be fair, it's the Duggars, not their fans, who are primarily responsible for this fixation on Jana's marital prospects.

Jana Duggar Dress

The family adheres to the teachings of the infamous Quiverfull movement, which holds that it's the duty of all Christian women to produce as many offspring as they physically can.

And so, it's unusual to see a woman who grew up in the movement still single well into her child-bearing years.

When Jana's twin, John David Duggar, got married last year, she officially took on the dubious distinction of being the only unmarried Duggar over the age of 20.

Jana seems content living at home and helping her parents around the house, and some fans have come around to the idea that she may never take a husband.

Jana Duggar on Instagram

In recent months, many fans have taken to applauding Jana for resisting the pressure to settle down and instead blazing her own trail.

Yes, it seemed that Jana's supporters and critics had finally found something to agree on -- by all appearances, she planned to remain single for the foreseeable future.

But just as Duggar Nation had come to accept that the fact that they may never see a televised Jana wedding, the Duggars' eldest daughter threw them a curveball.

You see, Jana usually abides by the strict rule of never talking about her love life publicly:

Jana Duggar on TV

But she violated that stricture in an unexpected way recently.

Jana's Father's Day tribute to Jim Bob alluded to the fact that she's hoping to find the right man someday -- and that kernel of information was enough to cause Duggar obsessives all over the internet to lose their freakin' minds.

Jana kicked things off with a list of what she considers to be Jim Bob's most admirable qualities:

“Dad is a giver. Always giving of his own goods and supplies without expecting anything in return,” Jana wrote.

Jana & Jim Bob

“He’s the first one to start a party no matter the occasion.”

(JB never really struck as a party guy, but we digress.)

"He is quick to ask for forgiveness. He is a humble man," Jana continued.

"A man of patience, kindness, compassion, determination, strong."

Cinderella Duggar

All pretty boilerplate Duggar Father's Day stuff, but Jana threw her followers for a loop when she concluded her tribute thusly:

"He’s my Daddy and I’m his little girl. Couldn’t have prayed for a better Dad and can only hope to find a man like him to marry someday!!"

Yep. It's the first time in a long time that Jana has discussed her romantic aspirations in a public setting, and while she didn't offer much in the way of information, fans are probably mailing her bridal magazines as we speak.

We know from her previous comments that Jana has courted in the past.

Jana Duggar: Counting On!

But it doesn't look as though she's dating anyone now, and we're not even sure what sort of guy she might be interested.

Jana's last rumored love interest, Caleb Williams, was recently arrested for statutory rape, which may be why she's been steering clear of the dating scene lately.

Is Jana beginning to recover from that trauma and put herself back out there?

We have no idea -- but you can be sure that's what Duggar fans are hoping for!

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