Jenelle Evans Gets Caught Lying About Medical Condition, Backpedals Furiously

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Jenelle Evans has a notoriously shaky relationship with the truth.

And by that we mean, every time she opens her mouth or starts clacking away on her phone, a whole slew of new lines is put forth into the world.

Jenelle Evans: Her Selfie

One of the Teen Mom 2 star's favorite things to lie about is her own health.

Jenelle goes to the hospital fairly frequently, and each time, her explanation for her visit seems to have no connection with the truth of the situation.

But even when she's not laid up for a suspicious sinus surgery, Jenelle spins more yarns about her health than a third grader facing a multiplication quiz he forgot to study for.

jenelle drunk 11

Her family in tow (for once) Jenelle traveled to NYC this week for the city's spring fashion week.

It doesn't seem like a situation that would require her to consult Web MD while BS-ing her millions of Instagram followers, but that's exactly what happened.

For starters, Jenelle just told the world that her entire family is sick with the flu, including her 2-year-old daughter, Ensley.

So, maybe it's not the best time to jet off to one of the most fast-paced cities on the planet?

jenelle drunk 8

As you can see, Jenelle didn't take too kindly to the outpouring of concern.

And it's not just the flu situation that has fans concerned for Evans' health.

Back in September, Jenelle revealed to her followers that she's suffering from "esophageal spasms" and will likely never be able to fly again for the rest of her life.

jenelle drunk 6

The revelation came after she and husband David Eason drove from LA to North Carolina, prompting speculation that they were smuggling some sort of contraband.

Just a few months after that heartbreaking news, Jenelle once again boarded a flight.

And as is always the case with her many ailments, she was ready with an explanation when fans pointed out that none of it makes any damn sense.

jenelle drunk 5

As you can see, Jenelle spun some elaborate mumbo jumbo about how short, direct flights don't aggravate her condition.

Most people would probably just avoid flying for a while if their last flight left them "laying on the floor of the plane crying" as Jenelle's did, but what do we know?

Once they landed, of course, Jenelle and the kids rested up to make sure their health was restored in time for the week's events.

jenelle drunk 9

Just kidding, they immediately went out for ice cream and beer.

Now, when they got drunk together back in April, David allegedly attacked Jenelle, leaving her hospitalized (again), so fans were concerned to hear the two of them slurring their words during an Instagram Live session Wednesday night.

But don't worry -- it's all good, because Jenelle stuck to beer.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in December

"When I drink beer and not liquor, it’s a — total difference," Jenelle told the camera.

David agreed, adding that beer doesn't make him want to "party all night" like liquor -- which is good, because the couple has a freakin' toddler with them.

Unfortunately, David then perused the beer list in search of the brews with the highest alcohol content.

It never ends with these two.

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