Jenelle Evans Hangs With Ashley From 90 Day Fiance, Gets Drunk In Front of Kids

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It's been almost a year since David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2, and as horrendous a human being as David is, we have to admit the show is a bit worse off for his absence.

After all, horrendous human beings make for good television, and without him, Jenelle has nothing to do on camera except complain about her life in torturously long conversations with her mom.

(We're not suggesting the show re-hire David -- but maybe it's time to think about firing Jenelle?)

Fortunately, we're able to keep tabs on Jenelle and her whole dysfunctional family through social media, where Evans continues to document every second of her waking life.

And if you haven't checked in on her Instagram and Twitter pages lately (or if you've been blocked like so many others) you've missed quite a lot:

Hanging with Ashley from 90 Day Fiance, faking medical conditions, guzzling brewskis with her kids -- Jenelle's been doing it all.

Take a look:


1. Living Her Best Life

Living Her Best Life
Jenelle has been on quite a tear lately. And she's been documenting all of her shenanigans on social media.

2. Hittin' the Road

Hittin' the Road
Jenelle is doing some traveling this week, and it looks like she decided to bring the whole clan with her.

3. Flying High

Flying High
Evans posted this pic of herself at the airport with daughter Ensley.

4. Confusion Reigns

Confusion Reigns
Some fans were confused by the post, as Jenelle recently claimed she would be unable to fly for the foreseeable future due to "esophageal spasms."

5. Dude ... What?

Dude ... What?
When fans questioned her about it, Evans explained that she can fly as long as she sticks to short, direct flights.

6. Riiiiight

Jenelle first explained her condition last year after she and David DROVE from LA back home to North Carolina, leading some to theorize that they were smuggling some sort of contraband.

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