Jenelle Evans: New Plastic Surgery Revealed?!

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Jenelle Evans ... well, the girl has her issues, that's for sure.

But whether you love her or hate her, there's no denying that she's always been cute.

Sure, she makes terrible parenting choices more often than not, and yeah, she's been violent and irrational and just plain awful.

She's been arrested practically a billion times, she consistently chooses men over her kids, she's been cruel to her mother, Barbara, even though she's been raising her son since he was born.

... But she's cute!

Things might be changing though, because we may just have seen proof that she's gotten some plastic surgery.

Buckle up, because this is going to get wild.

1. We See You, Girl!

We See You, Girl!
So this is Jenelle's face as we have known it in recent years.

2. Looking Good!

Looking Good!
It is a fine face.

3. Rude

Some haters like to criticize her appearance, saying she's unattractive or that certain features of hers are bad, that kind of mean thing.

4. Come On Now

Come On Now
But really, that's just uncalled for. There are plenty of things to criticize about Jenelle without going after her appearance.

5. Honestly ...

Honestly ...
Like, everything she's ever done.

6. Awww :(

Awww :(
But still, people can be cruel, and people can also be self conscious, and for one or both of those reasons, our girl here has done a few things to alter her looks over the years.

7. Augmented

The biggest thing has been the boob job she got several years ago -- yep, those things aren't real.

8. Dem Brows

Dem Brows
She's also changed her eyebrows pretty drastically, because they used to look like this.

9. Oooh!

She's gotten microblading done on her brows, and she also fills them in herself when she does her makeup.

10. And the Lips!

And the Lips!
Jenelle has gotten lip injections, too, and as weird as it sounds, she's actually been kind of tasteful with them.

11. Get It!

Get It!
That's true for everything she's had done -- the boobs, the brows, the lips, and anything else she may have had done that she hasn't revealed, they've all been subtle and done well.

12. HMMM

So what else could she have changed on that body of hers?!

13. Interesting!


14. Well ...

Well ...
Except it's not a real nose job -- at least she's saying it's not.

15. The Real Issue

The Real Issue
As she explained in a Facebook post, "I got a septoplasty and sinus surgery this week and still in recovery. Had a deviated septum at 90 degrees and my canals to my sinuses in my cheeks were almost closed!"

16. Ouch

"Now I can breathe again like it’s the very first time!" she added. "No, didn’t go to a plastic surgeon either. This was done by an ENT after multiple CAT scans."

17. No Thanks

No Thanks
It really does sound like a rough procedure, and we hope she feels better soon.

18. And Then ...

And Then ...
But you know people had all kinds of things to say about these photos.

19. A Question

A Question
"Why did you need a nose job??" one of her Twitter followers asked her. "What a waste of money."

20. Could Be!

Could Be!
Some people thought that this wasn't a front for plastic surgery, that she really did have problems with her septum ... because of drugs.

21. Oh, Burn

Oh, Burn
Like this person who told her "If you hadn't have snorted so many pills in your lifetime maybe your septum wouldn't need to be repaired....."

22. Too Dark

Too Dark
As disturbing as it sounds, another theory that several of her followers seem to have is that David hit her in the nose, and that's why she's having these problems.

23. Thanks, Briana

Thanks, Briana
On a less depressing note, Jenelle's fellow Teen Mom 2 cast member, Briana DeJesus, took some time to leave her some sweet words!

24. So Much to Process

So Much to Process
So ... this is a lot. Is she telling the truth, did she really just have sinus surgery? Did she need it because of drugs? Did she actually get plastic surgery? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

25. The Truth

The Truth
Whatever is happening, let's remember that it's happening to Jenelle, which means that anything is possible and we will never know the truth. Sorry 'bout it!

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