Nathan Griffith to Jenelle Evans: I WILL Get Custody of Our Son!

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In March of this year, Nathan Griffith got arrested for the ninth time.

Yes, the NINTH time.

Typically, this would be a disqualifying fact for someone seeking primary custody of his young child...

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... but, typically, this person isn't going up in court against someone like Jenelle Evans.

Back on July 24, Griffith filed the necessary paperwork to essentially take four-year old Kaiser out of his ex-girlfriend's home, arguing in these documents that Evans and David Eason were raising the toddler in an unsafe environment.

It was during this time that Nathan and his mother, Doris, also alleged that Jenelle and Eason were actually abusing Kaiser.

In an incident that received national attention, Doris REFUSED to hand Kaiser over to Evans after spending her court-appointed weekend with her grandchild, telling Child Protective Services at the time that Kaiser had bruises all over his body.

Jenelle, with a police escort, did eventually get her child back -- but her rivalry with the Griffiths was taken to an entirely different level as a result. 

Just yesterday, however, authorities ruled that Evans would not be charged with any kind of abuse.

She's in the clear from a legal stand point right now as far as her behavior as a mother goes. She won't be sent to jail or placed under arrested.

But Nathan wants to make it very clear that his fight for Kaiser is not over.

With an upcoming court hearing on tap due to his aforementioned custody filing, Griffith tells Radar Online:

"It's mediation. We're going to talk and come to an agreement. If we don't, then it's going to go to custody court. I want to be the primary caregiver."

Jenelle and Kaiser Birthday Pic

Evans and Griffith have been arguing over Kaiser for years now.

The disagreements have made for plenty of celebrity gossip fodder, giving us plenty of content, but we'd prefer if they could reach a peaceful resolution here.

Remember, there's a four-year old stuck in the middle of his dysfunctional parents hurling all kinds of major shade at each other.

(To wit, Griffith claims that Jenelle took drugs while pregnant.)

Nathan Griffith and Kaiser Smiles

On July 1, Griffith called the police and said he "received [his] child and he has marks all over him."

The implication here was that Eason and/or Evans had assaulted Kaiser in some kind of manner between the previous time Griffith got to hang out with him and this latest time.

Authorities did not find sufficient evidence to keep Jenelle from her kid and it appears as if this part of the former couple's feud is now over.

But with mediation on tap and a determined Griffith focused on this custody battle, the ugliness will likely continue well into the fall and winter.

If Griffith can keep himself out of jail during this time, that is.

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