Jenelle Evans Child Abuse Claims: Will She Lose Custody?

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Jenelle Evans has posted numerous photos of the years that have made many people think she's a bad mother.

She's also said lots of cruel things and acted in various ways that have caused Teen Mom viewers to question whether or not she's a fit parent.

But is she actually an abusive one?

Yes, ex Nathan Griffith alleged several weeks ago, telling authorities that the son he shares with the MTV star, Kaiser, had been showing up to his home with bruises.

This took their long-time feud to an entirely new level.

But was Nathan telling the truth? Will authorities bring charges against Evans?

The answer is finally is...

1. The Battle Over Kaiser

The Battle Over Kaiser
Jenelle and Nathan welcomed Kaiser into the world in 2014. But things have gradually gotten worse and worse between the exes, with Griffith even filing for custody earlier this summer.

2. For What Reason?

For What Reason?
Nathan believes Jenelle and husband David Eason have created an unsafe environment at the home in which Kaiser is being raised.

3. Wait, There's More

Wait, There's More
Nathan has also demanded that Eason not have any contact with the four-year old and claimed that Jenelle did drugs while pregnant. Like we said, this has all turned vicious.

4. How is Kaiser's Home Unsafe?

How is Kaiser's Home Unsafe?
It may seem like a small thing, but one issue at stake has been that David and Jenelle basically do not have a fence around their pool. (More children die from drowning in the United States than any othr cause of accidental deaths.)

5. And What About Those Guns?

And What About Those Guns?
There has also been quite the social media uproar over Kaiser actually using a gun. Is he being taught proper gun safety... or being placed in severe danger?

6. How Bad Have Things Gotten?

How Bad Have Things Gotten?
Child Protective Services has reportedly visited Jenelle at home 20 times -- in the last year alone. That is just bonkers.

7. But Here's Where It Gets Potentially VERY Bad

But Here's Where It Gets Potentially VERY Bad
In early July 2018, Nathan Griffith's mother, Doris, claimed that Kaiser would often have cuts and bruises on his body any time she took care of him. (Nathan himself is quite a mess and his mom is typically in charge of Kaiser during his custody weekends.)

8. David Eason Punched My Grandson in the Head!

David Eason Punched My Grandson in the Head!
This is something Doris alleged in a court document. We're talking serious stuff here, people.

9. The Documents from Doris

The Documents from Doris
Doris also claimed that Jenelle and David lock all of the kids outside the house for hours at a time while they stay inside and just hang out. She said that little Jace once got lost in the woods for the better part of a day.

10. What About Ensley?

What About Ensley?
These legal papers revealed that Jenelle and David's one child together, daughter Ensley, had a failed drug test at birth and that there'd been a CPS investigation into the incident.

11. You're Not Getting Kaiser Back!

You're Not Getting Kaiser Back!
At one point this summer, Doris refused to give her grandson back to Jenelle, even thought she was legally obligated to, because she believed she would be sending him to an abusive home.

12. So, Jenelle Called the Police

So, Jenelle Called the Police
An officer eventually accompanied Evans to Doris' house, where she was understandably enraged and demanded her son be returned to her.

13. Permission Granted

Permission Granted
Evans did get Kaiser back in this instance. According to the insider, a CPS representative at the time "basically said that there wasn’t enough proof of abuse to keep Kaiser away from David. She said that amount of bruising could have happened while Kaiser was playing."

14. Was That the End of It?

Was That the End of It?
No. The Columbus County Sheriff's Office followed up on Nathan and Doris' claims and opened up its own investigation into Jenelle and David as parents.

15. And These are the Results That are Now In...

And These are the Results That are Now In...
Jenelle has been cleared of any wrongdoing, stated this office on August 15, 2018. There is no evidence that she is an abusive mother and no charges will be brought against her or David.

16. According to TMZ...

According to TMZ...
"Social workers from the Dept. of Social Services visited Jenelle’s home late last month and determined there was no abuse." It's unclear just how they determined the nature and cause of the bruises that were, apparently, on Kaiser's body.

17. What About the Custody Battle?

What About the Custody Battle?
There was a hearing on August 6. But Doris showed up at it, actually violating the terms of the hearing.

18. Really?!?

Yes, according to The Ashley, which wrote in the aftermath of this legal gathering: "It was only supposed to be Nathan and Jenelle, no one else, so it got continued until the end of August."

19. Where's the Proof, Nathan?

Where's the Proof, Nathan?
Griffith says he has photos of Kaiser's bruises and has claimed to have proof that Evans is abusive. We are yet to see it, however.

20. Who Has Spoken Out to Defend David Eason?

Who Has Spoken Out to Defend David Eason?
His mom, Mary Jo. She actually reached out to The Hollywood Gossip (that's us!) and attacked Jenelle's estranged mother for claiming that Eason is a menace.

21. What Did She Say?

What Did She Say?
A LOT. For starters: "My son does not beat Jenelle or boss her around! He doesn't beat the children!" She seemed adamant about this.

22. As for Barbara Evans?

As for Barbara Evans?
"Barb you know he doesn't! Tell the truth and shame the devil! You should be trying to help your daughter and her family... You hated David from the start ... you would rather be on that stupid show then [sic] be a loving parent and grandmother!"

23. So This is the End of It, Right?

So This is the End of It, Right?
We somehow doubt it. Accusations of Jenelle being an unfit mother will continue to follow her around.

24. And We'll Be Able to Watch the Drama Play Out

And We'll Be Able to Watch the Drama Play Out

25. Buckle Up, Folks

Buckle Up, Folks
This adventure is far from over, but it's one that really isn't funny. Evans has three kids. Let's all continue to pray for their well-being.

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