Nathan Griffith: Arrested For the NINTH Time!

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Nathan Griffith may have survived the Carolina Hurricane (aka Jenelle Evans), but that doesn't mean it's been all smooth sailing in the years since.

In fact, it seems Nate's world is almost as drama-filled as it was when he was dating reality TV's Most Hated Mom.

Nathan Griffith: Another Mugshot

(Now that Farrah Abraham has been fired by MTV, Jenelle no longer has any competition for the title.)

Griffith's life remains something of a mess, and while much of the turbulence has to do with his former fiancee - the ongoing custody battle between Jenelle and Nathan remains a doozy - the 30-year-old is also awash in self-created problems.

For example, Nathan tends to get arrested. A lot.

Not as often as Jenelle, and not as often as he did when he was with Jenelle, but still much, much more frequently than your average person.

In fact, just this week Kaiser's dad brought his total number of arrests (that we know about) to a whopping nine!

Jenelle and Nathan Half-Naked

Yes, according to Starcasm, Nathan was taken into custody for allegedly “striking fixtures on the side of the highway” and failing to report it.

Obviously, that's a pretty intriguing charge, but sadly, specifics are scarce.

The site points out that Nathan was not charged with driving with a suspended license, which means he must have recently regained his right to drive, despite being charged with several DUIs.

We'd congratulate him on that step in the right direction, but from the sound of the situation, Nate will probably be relinquishing his license again very soon.

(If he hasn't already.)

Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans Selfie Pic

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Jenelle's exes, what with Courtland Rogers going back to jail after recently being released from a three-year sentence.

Some call it the Jenelle Curse, but we think the explanation for why her exes can't seem to keep their asses out of jail is simpler and less supernatural:

You see, Jenelle scrapes the absolute bottom of the barrel when she's seeking out boyfriends and husbands - guys who are pretty much destined for prison no matter who they date.

So the situation is still sort of Jenelle's fault - but because she ruins these dudes' lives.

These guys have generally done a number on themselves well before they cross paths with Ms. Evans.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how bonkers an existence Jenelle truly lives.

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