Tori Roloff Achieves Milestone, Sends Message to Fans

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Tori Roloff isn't interested in looking forward right now.

She knows you're wondering about the state of her womb.

She knows you're curious if she and Zach Roloff will soon have a second child.

Tori Roloff Looks Down

But the Little People, Big World star would like to take a break from all that speculation for a few moments.

Earlier this week, Roloff took a look at her own Instagram page and marveled at the top: 800,000.

Yes, she really has 800,000 followers. And she simply can't believe it.

"So I woke up this morning to 800,000 followers," Tori wrote as a heartfelt caption to the contemplative photo above, adding:

"That’s pretty freaking rad if you ask me.

"It’s the most humbling thing in the world to think you guys care enough to follow along on my journey of life marriage motherhood and just doing fun things."

In the Water!

Tori hasn't done anything especially scandalous or, let's be candid, risque in order to earn these followers.

She doesn't pose in scantily-clad outfits and she doesn't make outlandish statements.

The TLC personality pretty much just shares pictures of her son and/or her husband and keeps fans apprised of their lives on a near-daily basis.

But it's this portrayal of a simple, content life that has garnered Roloff such a following.

Heck, Roloff recently told the entire Internet about the recent time her son covered himself in feces.

(They were his own feces, at least.)

"I just wanted to say thanks. I sometimes forget that it’s not just my friends and family that watch my stories and that there are lots of people who enjoy watching my family grow and evolve (still crazy to me)," Tori continued.

A Lovely Day to Relax

Roloff has said in the past that she aims to be a positive influences on the Internet.

That may sound like a lofty goal, but she simply means that it's her mission to remain mostly happy and sunny online, as she aims to serve as a role model to other women and mothers.

This may be another reason why her follower count as climbed to such an impressive leve.

Along those lines, scroll down to see how Roloff concluded her milestone post...

Jackson and his Mama

I try to use my platform for good. I try and keep it real. I’m far from perfect and try to share that with young women like me and ensure them it’s okay.

You guys have made this journey amazing and I’ve loved being able to meet some of you! Again-thanks for following along.

Thanks for hitting 800k with me- for someone who does not think of herself as a celebrity that made me feel pretty cool.

No, Tori, thank YOU.

For being a great mother, a loving wife and living proof that good things actually can happen to nice people.

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