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Once and future Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has been facing a new health crisis, running a dangerously high fever during her cancer treatments. 

Unfortunately, that is not the worst of it, as we are now learning.

Doctors fear that, even if Miller beats her Burkitt lymphoma, she may never walk again.

Abby Lee Miller in a Wheelchair
Photo via Instagram

E! reports that Abby Lee Miller may never walk again, but that she is remaining hopeful.

"Her prognosis is bleak," an insider shares.

Miller became aware of her illness when a fast-spreading paralysis began to immobilize her. Doctors performed an emergency surgery to address what they believed would be an infection.

That is when doctors diagnosed Miller with cancer.

"But," the source reveals. "She is vowing to beat this and not only walk, but dance again."

Abby Lee Miller Aska for Prayers
Photo via Instagram

A creeping paralysis that prevents a person from ever walking again would be bad for anyone. For Miller, this would also impact her livelihood.

"She has been open about her diagnosis with her close friends," shares the insider.

That means that she’s not in denial. She knows that her mobility may be defined by a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

The insider says that these are friends "who are in awe of Abby Lee’s fighting spirit."

We would never expect Miller to give up without a fight.

Abby Lee Miller and Elliana Walmsley and Maesi Caes
Photo via Instagram

Fortunately, she’s getting a lot of emotional support.

"Her inner circle is rallying around her with support and regular visits to the Dance Moms star," the source mentions.

We reported that she has been receiving visits and comfort from Dance Moms alumni.

"This entire situation," the insider reveals. "Is being documented on camera."

It’s apparently all being recorded "and will be a focal point on Abby Lee’s upcoming televised cancer special."

Abby Lee Miller Walks in Sunlight
Photo via Instagram

On social media, Miller is putting her best foot forward (figuratively speaking) and staying positive, almost always smiling or giving a thumbs up in photos.

"Hallelujah!" Miller wrote in a recent Instagram post. "I’m headed to the Mall!"

Millennials may be killing malls, but Miller still has a soft spot for them.

"I’ve only been once in 13 long painful months," she reveals.

"For a lifelong shopper like me," she writes. "That’s absolute torture!!!"

Abby Lee Miller, Spa Day Photo
Photo via Instagram

When someone undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, multiple emergency spinal surgeries, that person gets to refer to whatever they like as "torture."

Even though, you know, most people do most of their shopping online. Sometimes while drunk, though we wouldn’t recommend that Miller do a lot of drinking in her condition.

Whatever you may think of Miller, from her bankruptcy fraud case to the way that she treated other human beings — especially children — on television, she does not deserve cancer. No one does.

We hope that she makes a full recovery soon — and yes, that absolutely includes regaining her full mobility.

Miller has a lot of people who love her. And we expect that they will all be tuning in to her upcoming cancer special. We sure will be. Won’t you?