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Abby Lee Miller has been battling cancer, and receiving visits and comfort from alumni. Now, she’s asking for something else.

If you are one of the people whom the Dance Moms star considers fans, or even just followers, she would like your prayers.

On top of her cancer, the 51-year old Miller has a high fever – and her white blood cell count is worryingly low.

"It’s Friday," Abby writes in the captions of the latest photo on her Instagram account, posted Friday, August 17.

Curiously, she follows that announcement with these words: "Yay & Pray."

The yay is to celebrate the end of the workweek.

The pray is the beginning of her request.

Abby Lee Miller Aska for Prayers
Photo via Instagram

Miller asks fans and followers to pray that "my white blood cell count goes up and my 103 fever goes down!"

Though she’s clearly not trying to be too dramatic, she follows that up with an understatement: "Yikes!"

She paired her captions with this photo.

Clearly, the once and future Dance Moms star is trying to keep things positive — even chipper.

A 103 fever is no joke. It doesn’t sound that much higher than the normal 98.6, but even a degree or two higher than 103 can lead to brain damage.

Abby Lee Miller, Hospital Selfie
Photo via Instagram

And while one normally looks for an elevated white blood cell count when a body is fighting certain types of infections, it looks like hers is too low.

Why? She doesn’t say, but we can infer that her chemotherapy and radiation treatments are taking their toll on her immune system.

Earlier this year, Miller was released from prison and sent to a halfway house. It looked like she was on track to getting her old life back.

Then, she was sent to the hospital for an emergency surgery after a fast-creeping paralysis began to spread through her body.

Abby Lee Miller Surgery Pic
Photo via Instagram

Doctors performed an agonizing spinal surgery on her to take care of what they believed would be just an infection.

Instead, they discovered that she has a kind of cancer — Burkitt lymphoma, which is most often found in children.

That was not what they expected, and it is definitely worse than the infection that they had expected to find.

Miller then underwent a second emergency spinal surgery to relieve pressure, even as she goes through chemo and radiation to deal with the cancer.

Burkitt is a fast-spreading cancer.

Abby Lee Miller Weeps
Photo via Lifetime

The positive side of that is that Burkitt also responds more quickly to treatment than a slow-spreading cancer might.

Burkitt lymphoma has a 90% recovery rate in children, among whom it is the most common.

That figure is said to be somewhat lower among adults, but it sounds like Miller’s odds — statistically speaking — are good.

Still, this is a frightening experience for Miller and for her loved ones and her countless fans.

Though she has been criticized for her antagonistic attitude toward children, no one wants to see her be another victim of cancer.

This fever is, we hope, just a minor speedbump on her road to making a full recovery.

If any fans of hers want to send her their prayers or well-wishes that her fever goes down and her white blood cell count goes up, we are sure that she will appreciate it.