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Back in April, former Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller had emergency back surgery after a rapidly spreading paralysis threatened her life.

That paralysis turned out to be the result of a form of cancer called Burkitt lymphoma.

Now, Miller has revealed that she had to undergo a second emergency surgery. This does not sound good.

Abby Lee Miller Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Abby Lee Miller took to Instagram with a surprisingly calm tone to share the news with fans and followers.

"After another 2 hour MRI this morning," she begins.

Remember, she is battling a fast-spreading cancer in some very delicate parts of her body — doctors need to keep a close eye on where and how it spreads or does not spread.

"The pros thought I needed one more quick little emergency surgery!"

Her next word is more or less what you would imagine.


Surgery is always serious. When the word emergency is slapped in front of it, it is worse.

"I’m in recovery now and texting so everything must be ok."

Abby Lee Miller second surgery pic

Miller continues to put on a brave face, acting as if the surgery were merely an inconvenience.

"Just hiccups in my plans!"

She explains that she is genuinely very busy at the moment.

"I’m on a tight schedule; shooting two projects and I need to get out of here and on with my life!!!"

Obviously, we hope that she is able to continue uninterrupted by yet another heatlh crisis.

Abby Lee Miller Sleeps in the Hospital
Photo via Instagram

Abby’s post continues, as she asks fans to continue to send her good vibes for a swift and full recovery.

"Please keep me in your prayers."

She wants everyone to know how much she appreciates their emotional support.

"I’m grateful for all the well wishes!"

She finishes her post with a series of tags.

"#ALDC #aldcla #dancemoms #abbyleemiller #lymphoma @hoomanmelamedmd"

Note that her last tag is of Dr. Hooman Melamed, her doctor.

It is worth noting that she was seeing him for his spinal expertise more than a year before her cancer diagnosis.

Abby Lee Miller Walks in Sunlight
Photo via Instagram

Another recent post by Miller shares some sage advice with her fans and followers.

Beside a photo of her head tilted back so that she can enjoy a faceful of somewhat filtered solar radiation, Miller writes:

"Going outside to feel the sun on my face was wonderful!!!"

If you’re a person who enjoys sunlight, spending the better part of a year in prison and then weeks in the hospital would make you feel almost starved for some Vitamin D.

(We mean literal Vitamin D, which your body can make from sunlight. Not the euphemism for penis. Though that may also be the case for the newly freed)

"Kids, never take anything in this world for granted!"

That is very good advice.

Simple "luxuries" like being able to choose your own meals or go outside when you choose seem almost beneath your notice until you no longer have those choices.

"It can all change so suddenly!"

Abby Lee Miller, Hospital Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Remember, undergoing major surgery that involves her spine meant that she’s been cooped up, recovering, for a while now.

"The Brilliant Dr. B cleared me for sunning this afternoon!"

She was clearly enjoying her time outside.

"Woo Hoo! Thank you sir!"

We wish her the best and hope that this second emergency surgery does not keep her cooped up for too long.

Mostly, we just hopes that she beats this cancer.