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Say what you will about Teen Mom: OG star Farrah Abraham, but you can’t deny that a lot of people want to see her naked.

And they’re even willing to shell out money to make it happen.

Farrah Abraham in Camsoda Merch

Apparently she has plans to do yet another live sex show — and this one’s going to be anal.

Like so many frightening things, this video is scheduled to be just in time for Halloween.

Last month, Farrah Abraham stripped down and masturbated on camera before a live audience.

Her livestreamed sex show wasn’t for free, though.

Despite the paywall, interest was high enough that the more than 80,000 visitors ended up crashing CamSoda’s site.

And this, mind you, was after Farrah Abraham had denied news of a new sex tape.

We questioned the wisdom of not promoting your camshow until it’s actually happening (though, not being camgirls ourselves, maybe we don’t know something about the business that CamSoda and Farrah do).

Farrah Abraham Cam Soda

Clearly, the lack of promotion didn’t deter visitors.

In the video, Farrah bared her breasts for the camera and proceeded to masturbate using a sex toy.

And, just a month and a half later, she’ll do it again. With a twist.

TMZ reports that Farrah Abraham’s new livestreamed sex show will come the day before Halloween.

And it will feature Farrah doing anal on camera … again.

This time, she’ll be performing solo, so she’ll be using a toy. Or possibly more than one — it’s unclear.

CamSoda actually expects even more people to tune in to Farrah’s livestream this time around, so they’ve reportedly secured extra help to make sure that their site doesn’t crash.

Farrah Abraham Lingerie
Photo via Instagram

Honestly, that’s showing more forethought and learning from past mistakes than some major video game companies do, so good for them.

As for whether Farrah’s continuing anal adventures will lure even more than the 80,000 plus visitors that she got in September?

That remains to be seen.

Anal toys come in a lot of varieties and different shapes and sizes, but unless she’s getting some sort of endorsement deal from Bad Dragon or whatever, we imagine that she’ll be using something nondescript.

So, a fairly run-of-the-mill anal toy … or maybe multiple toys. We’ll all find out in a couple of weeks!

Last time, Farrah Abraham’s mother responded with shock at Farrah’s livestreamed masturbation session, so we wonder if she’ll be better prepared for it, this time.

Farrah Cleavage
Photo via Instagram

Farrah and she have been reconnecting despite some major strains in their relationships in the past, so maybe Farrah’s brought her up to speed.

Or maybe she’ll find out by reading entertainment news like everybody else. Some things don’t make for easy mother-daughter conversations.

While Farrah Abraham does many things wrong — questionable parenting, overt racism, her apparent constant need for negative attention — we should note that sex work is 100% valid.

There’s plenty of bad stuff to shame Farrah Abraham for. Doing a camshow is not a bad thing, so she does not deserve to be slut-shamed for it.

We do have a concern.

One that has nothing to do with her playing with some anal insertables or even with the tens of thousands of people who are apparently willing to watch her do that.

You know how Farrah Abraham keeps getting vaginal rejuvenation in what appears to be the worst product endorsement deal that any clinic has ever made?

It’s allegedly to boost her sexual experiences, even though that doesn’t sound super plausible at her age.

Moreover, it’s been pointed out that a more likely explanation is that she’s been dealing with some incontinence issues since she gave birth.

It’s her vagina and she can do whatever she wants to it, but if she starts promoting various anal rejuvenation treatments or whatever on social media …

… we just don’t need that in our lives. That’s all.