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Even though she had sex on camera in exchange for money, Farrah Abraham doesn’t like to say she was a porn star.

Farrah starred in a "sex tape," she claims, which is different from a porn … for reasons she can’t quite explain.

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It was already built on a pretty shaky foundation, but Farrah’s argument that she’s not a sex worker is weaker than ever following a seriously risque cam show that she put on her for her fans this week.

The live stream began as an ad for a vibrator endorsed by Farrah.

To convey how much she enjoys the product, Farrah went ahead and masturbated on camera.

"She was licking it, saying the viewers should," one viewer told Radar Online.

"She did, in fact, lick her own p-ssy mold sex toy," the proud patron of the arts continued.

At that point, the free portion of the performance came to a close, and viewers were informed that they would need to pay up in order to continue watching.

Farrah Abraham Attends 2017 VMAs
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A surprising number of fans ponied up $20 or more in order to watch Farrah pleasure and spank herself, because 2017 is a ridiculous year, and Farrah might be its most ridiculous person.

Farrah received some positive reviews, winding up with a 78% approval rating on the streaming site.

Of course, the crowd was a mix of live sex show aficionados and Teen Mom fans, and the latter group reportedly had unkind things to say in the comments section.

The cam show is something of an unexpected move for Farrah.

Though in the past, she’s sold rubber molds of her own vagina, written erotic novels, and starred in the aforementioned "sex tape," Farrah seemed to have put sex work behind her in recent months.

Farrah Abraham Walking the Street
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Clearly, she’s back in the game these days.

Hey, maybe she’s just proud of her new vaginal rejuvenation.

You don’t shell out for a revamped va-jay-jay and not show it off to the world.

That’s like buying a new sports car and not rubbing a vibrator all over it on the internet.

Sorry, analogies are not our strong suit.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online to see Farrah embarrass herself with her clothes on.