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Farrah Abraham has been in porn before, so it’s neither shocking nor scandalous to hear a report that Farrah Abraham has a new sex tape coming out.

(In fact, the alleged video is supposed to happen tonight, leaving some to wonder if Farrah’s random lingerie pic was intended as low-key advertising)

Strangely enough, Farrah is denying the rumor. Needless to say, it is not like Farrah Abraham to be shy.

Farrah Abraham Lingerie
Photo via Instagram

Speaking to In Touch, Farrah Abraham denies the new sex tape story.

"I have NO new sex tape coming out and don’t plan to."

That seems pretty firm, right?

Not only does she say that she doesn’t have one coming out, but she really effectively shoots down the possibility of another happening, ever.

(Uh, sorry if that spoiled your hopes for the future … we guess)

As for the reason?

It sounds like Farrah just isn’t interested in repeating the past.

"Been there, done that."

So that pretty much wraps up that rumor … or does it?

Farrah Abraham Attends 2017 VMAs
Photo via Getty Images

The reason that people think that Farrah Abraham might have a sex tape coming out is because TMZ has reported it.

Specifically, TMZ says that Farrah is scheduled to put on a cam showtonight.

Now, TMZ usually checks their sources carefully before they report things, but Farrah sounds like she’s flat-out denying it.

It’s possible that a source was misinformed or something.

We’d also like to point out that Farrah might not consider a cam show that just features her to be the same thing as a "sex tape."

She could be quibbling over words.

But … wouldn’t she want to promote what she’s doing? More viewers usually means more revenue, for her or for CamSoda or both.

And it’s not like Farrah Abraham is exactly shy, either.

Farrah Abraham, Rejuvenation Clinic
Photo via Instagram

As we’re sure that you remember, Farrah Abraham got vaginal rejuvenation.

This was a non-surgical procedure, but we’d hardly call it non-invasive.

It’s said to create tiny wounds in order to strengthen the vaginal muscles.

Farrah Abraham is 26, so no matter how many penises of whatever sizes she’s invited over to play, her vagina shouldn’t be sagging.

(Remember, vaginas are also birth canals that expand to let a literal entire baby out through them and then shrink back to their original size; no penis is going to permanently "wreck" a vagina, no matter what dumb guys like Simon Saran say)

Speaking of childbirth, it’s possible that Farrah’s real reason for getting the rejuvenation treatment was to deal with post-childbirth incontinence.

(We can understand why she wouldn’t come out and say as much)

And then Farrah went back to the clinic to promote vaginal rejuvenation.

As you can imagine, it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to connect all of this with the possibility that Farrah might be flashing her genitals to audiences over the internet.

Farrah Cleavage
Photo via Instagram

Farrah may not be interested in doing traditional porn again for a very good reason.

Remember that Farrah Abraham described abuse and sexual assault at the hands of James Deen, a once beloved straight porn actor who was also her costar for her infamous sex tape.

Nine other women, who’d shared scenes with James Deen or who had dated him, came forward to accuse Deen of sexual assault and abuse.

We can see how that experience might color Farrah’s perception of the porn industry. Trying to repeat that, even with someone who’s never been accused of so much as violating the speed limit, might bring back unwanted memories.

But this cam show that Farrah’s going to do? All of the cam performers that I’ve ever known have said that it’s very different from filming porn with another person.

We could see her doing that. … Actually, poor choice of words. We could easily believe that Farrah would sign up for that.

As you can imagine