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So, despite what sounded a lot like denials that she was planning anything of the sort, Farrah Abraham went topless and masturbated on camera.

Her camshow wasn’t really a surprise to us, since we’d told you that it was reportedly in the works.

But her mother, Debra Danielsen, says that she was shocked by it.

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When we say "despite what sounded like denials," we’re perhaps being overly delicate.

Just a couple of days ago, Farrah Abraham straight-up denied having a new sex tape in the works.

She’s famously done porn before, so maybe she was just reiterating that she wasn’t going to bang a guy on camera.

Or maybe Farrah was quibbling over the differences between a livestream and a "tape."

(Not that cameras have tape anymore, but that’s another story)

During the video, Farrah bared her breasts and, after showing off a vibrator that she says that she likes, began using it on her genitals for the benefit of the viewers.

Eventually, the livestream hit paywall.

Quite a few viewers — like, more than you’d think — were willing ot cough up $20 to keep on watching, even though there are countless terrabytes of completely free porn floating about on the interwebs.

Not only was viewership more than we might have expected, but it looks like it was more than CamSoda had anticipated.

Because the site apparently crashed twice from high traffic.

What a world.

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In an interview with RadarOnline, Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, says that she was dismayed at the news of Farrah’s webshow.

She’s been trying to improve her relationship with Farrah, but it looks like she just couldn’t help but admit how she really felt.

"I had no clue about it. I’m speechless. I know my daughter has been trying to change her image. She’s been doing professional things."

Well, being a camgirl is a "professional thing," from a certain point of view.

It sounds like Debra worried that she’d said too much, because she quickly pivoted to Farrah and Farrah’s daughter, Sophia.

"They’re my world, I really feel everyone has things in their life they have to deal with."

That’s true enough.

"My goal is to be close with my family and to love them. I want them to help me and I want to help them."

Maybe giving out interviews about how shocked you are isn’t the best way to do that, Debra.

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To say that Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielsen have had a "rocky" relationship is an understatement.

Farrah has spoken out in the past about suffering abuse as a child.

And then there was the 2010 incident in which Farrah says that her mother beat her bloody, and that the injuries inflicted upon Farrah were so severe that Farrah describes one officer as having pointed a gun at Debra’s head to prevent further violence.

Awful, frightening stuff.

Don’t get us wrong, Farrah is a generally ridiculous human being and can be annoying and outright racist.

But absolutely no one deserves to be the victim of a domestic assault.

Least of all at the hands of their parent.

To be honest, we can’t wrap our heads around why Farrah would seek to reconnect with her mother, but they’ve taken what we’d characterize as baby-steps towards reconciliation.

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We have to wonder why Farrah chose to do this.

Money, obviously.

We’d never shame her or anyone else for doing a camshow.

Voluntary sex work — whether you’re stripping, camming, or a straight-up escort — should never be shameful. It’s honest work and sex workers deserve respect and support.

In Farrah’s case, we wonder if there was an ulterior motive.

It was only a few months ago that Farrah Abraham’s racist tirade was caught on camera, earning her the ire of other TV personalities.

(And also just of anyone who isn’t a big fan of racism)

It’s true that Farrah hasn’t been doing a lot of sex-related stuff lately, but maybe she set this up to try to pivot her image.

Better to be seen as sexy than racist, after all.